Thursday, March 24, 2011

Orange anyone?

For Christmas, Beam and Poppy got the kids a fruit tree at our request. We held off for a little bit and this week I took the kids to the nursery to pick our tree out. Of course it was a citrus tree (orange). Rob went right to work when he got home with a little help from the kids. While we were at the nursery we got some vegetables and strawberry plants. For now we just put them in pots. If we have success we plan on doing a raised bed.

Austin keeps asking when oranges. This type of orange will bloom from Nov-Feb. Not sure if we will get anything the first season, we shall see.

getting ready, reading the instructions

Savannah doing her part

Valerie showing her muscles off

Mr muscles

Almost there

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family fun

The only picture he would let me take all day
Until June I am working every weekend, then I am cutting back to 2 weekends a month...I can't wait. However the last 2 weekends I have worked from 8a-8p on Saturday, then Sunday is pretty easy for me, so we have been able to enjoy a little of the weekend together. Which has been a nice change.

Today when I got home Rob offered to take the family to dinner, you have no idea how happy and excited I was. Rob hates eating with the kids and especailly hates going out to eat so it was a big surprise. Then he mention about our favorite place Harry's in Saint Augustin. I couldn't get dressed fast enough.

We even got to eat outside, it was a little windy but the kids were great and everyone enjoyed their meals. It was a big success in our book

After dinner we walked across the street to watch some boats. While we were there a guy was fishing and he happened to catch a fish while we were there.

Here he is bringing it in, he had 3 lines going at one time

He was trying to show Austin and even offered him a chance to fish, but Austin played shy and didn't want anything to do with it. He was just throwing them back in.

trying to get a nice photo

Rob was a nervous wreck the entire time the entire time we walked down this path. Savannah was determined to walk by herself

On the other side of us were all these horse and carriage in which Savannah was obsessed with and at one point she just planted her butt down and would not move. She just wanted to watch them

I made that skirt for her, she couldn't wait to put it on

The have a park on the North end of Saint Augustin with a carousel, it coast a $1 (not bad right). Austin Refused to get on, so it was daddy Savannah and Valerie. Savannah didn't like it at all, right after this picture Rob had to take her and hold her the rest of the ride.

And Valerie having a blast. I sure wish I could get my hands on a photo of me at this age, I am sure I gave this look often.