Thursday, October 29, 2009

h1n1 has hit

h1n1 has hit our house and who got it first...Savannah!! At least we think. We are not sure if Austin has it or not they didn't swab his nose last night. So Savannah had her 1st ER visit tonight. The docotors wouldn't see her because of her age and sent us to the ER right away, they swabed her nose. They let her come home as long as she continues to eat and wet diapers. So keep your fingers crossed. The medication is Tamaflu and as it turns out is a hot commodity, you have to call the pharmacy before you go to get the prescription filled, we went through 4-5 before we found one.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hard to choose

Austin woke up pretty sick last night with 104 temp, we gave him medication let him have Popsicle and sent back to bed he did wake several time during the night after that but we were able to get him back to sleep. When he woke this am he was still complaining of a belly ache, when I called the doctor they said as usual he had what was going around and didn't want to see him. I just love how they can tell you what is wrong with your child when they have not even seen them yet!! However when she asked if he had an ear ache I said no and I looked in his ear with my otoscope that it didn't appear to be infected she said they could not go by that. Thats funny they can't go by what I see but can tell you your child has a virus over the phone!! By the time Rob came home he was pretty bad again so we took him to the ER. It was hard for me to chose if I was suppose to go and take Savannah around all that mess or stay at home and let Rob take him. I couldn't let Austin go and not be there so I did probably the wrong choice and took her and we all went, then when we got there we found out he did need antibiotics for pharyngitis. If the doctors would have seen him it would have made everything so much easier. The poor little guy is sleeping soundly at the moment we will see what tonight brings. How do you chose what child you stay with when one is ill and one needs you to eat???

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't be angry

This is Austin's new saying when he knows he has done something he should not have. Rob was home from work sick Monday and by the end of the day he was feeling pretty good, Savannah was napping so I thought I would nap which left Daddy and Austin. Austin went downstairs to play while Rob stayed upstairs. When Savannah and I got up the 4 of us went for a walk and as Rob was walking down stairs Austin started with this:
Austin: I was helping
daddy: with what
Austin: cleaning
daddy: cleaning what
Austin: everything
at this point Rob was confused and he started to smell something in the air
daddy: show daddy buddy
Austin: don't get angry
Austin: don't yell
this is when we found out that he had taken the carpet cleaner for the dog accidents and sprayed pretty much everything downstairs including our bed, pillows, floors, and his bean bag chair. It is hard to get mad at him, we explained that he shouldn't touch anything that sprays and such. Of course this is mommy's fault as I left it downstairs after cleaning up JoePa's mess at 3am.

I stopped to get donuts for everyone on my way home from work Sat and we still had some this morning. which Austin asked to have one for breakfast and I gave him one. So when I was getting out of the shower Austin met me at the door with this:
Austin: Don't be angry
mommy: I am not
Austin: you will be sad
mommy: why
Austin: I ate all the donuts
so I went to look into the donuts box and sure enough all donuts were gone. While I was in the shower Austin took it upon him self to eat the rest of the donuts (or should I say take a bite out of each one).

He knows he shouldn't be doing these things but at least he is not hiding it yet? How can you get mad when he is telling you what he did??

Savannah's on her back

So we finally got Savannah to sleep on her back...that is when she decides she wants to sleep!! Mommy is sleeping much better knowing that she is on her back.


random picture of Savannah sitting in her 1st leave pile

Doctor or Nurse
Austin has changed his mind about being scooby do, we had a couple costumes in the box and he chose this one. Now the question is Doctor or Nurse. Well we know what my vote is. Daddy has different motives though we know the first thing he thinks of is money so his vote is for Doctor.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1st laugh

Savannah had her first laugh!! It was so cute and it came out of no where. She has this giraffe that she smiles and coo's at I guess we could call it her favorite toy at the moment and I was playing with her and the Giraffe and she let out this cute laugh!!

Fall is here

I made this!! He really looks like he could be on MTV now!! I actually made the beanie then put a skull on it (cant really see it in this picture)

action shot of Austin jumping in the leaves
sitting in his big pile
It seems funny to post about fall since I just posted Austin in his first snow of the season. But Austin has been dying to jump in the leaves so he finally had his chance. He even helped me rake them in the pile for him, several times.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Indian Summer

Today we were taking advantage of our Indian Summer. Emma came up to play with Austin. Austin had a blast it was like he had not been outside for years. They played t-ball, jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set and even played a little hockey. Austin even got to give a girl a ride on the back of his bike for the first time. Later after dinner we were able to go for a walk, in which Savannah had her first ride facing forward in the sling she seemed to like it much better than facing me, looking around and cooing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

1st night back to work

Friday was my first night back to work. I handled it better than I thought I would I guess because Austin doesn't even know I gone, and I was hoping for the same for Savannah. I have been trying to get her on some what of a schedule and for the last week it was working. Down by 8 only waking up 1 time around 430, 2-3 naps during the day 1st at 10 almost everyday the others very I was trying to make it as easy on Rob as possible. Savannah was not having any of it. On Thursday she didn't sleep well at night (maybe she knew what was to come) Friday she didn't really nap and when it came time for bed she only slept on me. When I had to give up and leave it didn't go so well for daddy she was up pretty much till 1230 crying, but then she did sleep until 5a. Things did seem to get better she slept with me until 11which gave daddy time to recover and gave him some time with Austin. She then napped at 2 and is napping now at 6. She took 2 bottles no problem. Lets pray things go better tonight for daddy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

1st snow of the season

making snow angels
2nd snowman

So it is October 16th and we are having our first snow. Austin is very excited while mommy is not! Today he wanted to go play in it and I told him when Savannah took one of her naps. Yesterday Savannah would not nap at all and today I was hoping for the same thing secreatly so I would not have to go out in the cold however she was a good girl and did nap. So I got Austin all dressed and outside we went. Daddy came home early and Austin asked him to make a snowman. His first attempt Austin was not very impressed and we know that Daddy has to impress so he did it again.

painting pumpkins

This past weekend we went to Downingtown to visit with Valerie and everyone. While we were there we painted pumpkins everyone had a blast. Nanny and Poppy went to get a kitten which Austin loved and got in the cage to play with her (we think it is a her). Valerie enjoyed spending some time with Savannah which she has not had much time to do. We visited with Beam and Poppy as well, we will have to spend a weekend there so they know my kids are not always sour puss.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

so much for child proof caps

This morning Austin asked for his vitamin, which I had not given him yet. I was getting into the shower at this point. I said sure and was coming out to give it to him, by the time I got to the table he was chewing one. He managed to get the vitamin bottle open even though it had a child proof top. So I guess I will not be able to leave the bottle on the table anymore because he really likes to take his vitamins and asks to have them several times a day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Austins new towel

I made Austin a new hooded towel because he has out grown his and we are using them on Savannah now. He really seams to like it, it's much bigger then the baby ones and much softer.

Savannah is 2 months

So today Savannah turned 2 months old. She is now weighing in at 13.8 lbs and 22.5 inch. She is quite the porker!! Everything is going well with her. She even took naps today!! The doctor said that we could put her in the saucer and jumper because she doesn't like her back which means the bouncer and swing are pretty much out. So we tried this today and her head kept bobbing forward so I found this thing (hugga bebe) on line but didn't want to pay the $27-40 for it so I made one for her. She enjoyed the bouncer much better with it. I think I need to move the front down a bit. Austin also enjoyed this it was much easier for him to play with her which he really enjoys.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Girly things

Now we need more purple outfits to wear it with
I have become obsessed with making girly things. I have been dying to have one of those hats with the big flowers on the side as well as the headbands. So I finally figured out how to crochet a beanie hat and then I attached a big flower on the side. I think it looks pretty cute. here is a picture of the hat, I have not put the headband on her yet.


Savannah is 8 wks as of Friday. And for the most part she is a really good baby except that she cries in the car the entire ride and nothing we do stops her from crying. And then there is the sleep factor. Up to last week she slept most of the time any wear you would put her as long as it was on her stomach (I know, I know). Then this past Sunday she decided to only sleep if someone was holding her and this unfortanitly has been going on all week. So yesterday she only slept at the begining of the sesame street show. So when we went to bed last night she slept good. So good that it was Robs alarm that went of at 630 am!! When I realized what time it was I sat right up in a panic for fear that she was not breathing threw her blanket off and found she was fine of course. I was happy that I got to sleep 6.5hrs w/o interuption once I figured out she was still breathing today she pretty much is doing the same thing, so we will see how she sleeps tonight.

Sesame Street

Last night Granny took Austin Savannah and mommy to see sesame street. Austin had a really good time. we were not far from the stage and when they first came out Austin just stopped and stared he couldn't take his eys off of the characters. Austin was pretty tired and even fell a sleep on the way and then again on the way home. Savannah did really well she slept for the first half then even watched the lights (I think) for the second half. Thank you Granny!!