Friday, September 14, 2012

Just a pick-nick

While hanging out this afternoon Savannah decides she wants a pick-nick. Perfect! I got some quick goodies together and we headed outside.
JoePa even got some extra treats! Savannah had a strawberry parfait, chips and milk.
Mommy a diet dr pepper and a plum.
It was was a perfect unplanned breezy afternoon with my Savannah.

Thursday, September 13, 2012




Savannah is working on her 2nd week of preschool.  She attends Tuesday and Thursday.  She seems to love it.  She makes sure when we arrive in the morning to tell me "I stay by myself, you go home". 

The first week was rough on me a little, but I was still so busy with the finishing the floors I didn't have time to think.  This week however, the floors are 99.9% done, the house is getting back to order.  On Tuesday I was able to volunteer at Austin's school and stay to have lunch with  him.  Thursday I got to run all by myself and cleaned the entire house.  I'm nervouse for next week, I know I'll get use to it, just can't believe no more babies at home.

She doesn't talk to much about her day but I am hoping as the year goes on she will.  Ama and Pap were here to see her off on her first day.  Daddy went to work late so he could go with me to take her in.  When we were taking pictures in the front yard She was so excited.  She yelled to Amanda (who was on her way to school)  I'm going to school by myself. 
 pretty excited
 She insisted on wearing pants...crazy girl it was in the 90's
 Her new back pack from Granny...anything besides princess would be crazy

pretty excited, daddy had to hold her hand though

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Savannah's Princess for day...finally

So this past weekend was Disney trip for Savannah's birthday. She has been
Looking forward to this trip for a long time. We all were. She is very much into Sleeping Beauty even though she has never seen the movie.

I was determined to make her a dress, I wanted it to be special. It came out ok...she was happy.

We did Epcot when we arrives Friday night since it was late hours. Back to the room for some sleep. We had to be at the Bippity Bopity boutique by 825. EARLY! We made it with no time to spare. Austin Made out on the deal. They had a prince package that was very reasonable. So he got his hair done, a sword and shield then you add on all the "fairy God Mothers" in training making a fuss over him and his hair.
Next up was Savannah. We did the middle package which just means we supply the outfit. Total for them both after tax was only $78. Not bad for Disney.

The park closed early for a event so we made reservations to eat downtown. Savannah was so tired she fell asleep on the walk to "house of blues" and slept through dinner. It was ok kind of night until. The kids were told to grab their dads and Rob was now part o a boy band! That made it GREAT. I will post a video of it when I get on the computer.
The kids both a melt downs on Saturday but they pulled through after about 20 mins each.
Sunday's we usually head to Hollywood Studios for a few hours and then head home. We try to get there supper early for the fast past on the Toy Story ride. However plans just didn't work out. First the kids slept until 9! Then it rained right up until we were walking out I the park. Not too awful. No waits on anything except the star wars training then it was cancelled.
When all was said and done everyone had a great time.