Monday, July 2, 2012


I guess because she is so little I feel like she has changed the most.  I am enjoying every moment I can with her.  She is an independent little girl.  She is already dressing herself in the mornings!  I still have to convince Austin he can dress himself.  If she sees the older kids doing something she is right next to them trying her best to do the same, usually she succeeds.
She has been riding her 2 wheeler bike without training wheels since about January.  She started on her strider in August and just progress from there.  She can ride it on the track, but races her strider.
Savannah starts pre-school in September.  I am excited for her, but I am so very sad too.  I enjoy our days together and it means she is growing up.  It's cute to watch her change on a daily basis. 
Right now her loves are, playing with babies.  She puts them in the stroller and "goes on runs" , she takes them shopping in the cart.  The newest thing she has started to do is, put the baby in the stroller and walk her over to you and ask you to talk to her baby.
The girl just loves to swing!  She will swing all day if you let her.

she loves to dress up as a different princess each time we go to Disney.  For her Birthday she will be doing "Princess for a Day"  Her princess of choice is Sleeping Beauty.  I believe because she wears pink

 Picking out her own shoes and pretty is a must.
Sissy has gotten her to insist on her having her nails painted.  She sits nice and patiently while they are being painted and even while they dry. 
We go to the gym "child watch" daily and she is upset if we miss it.  They seem to enjoy her there as well.  The staff gets a kick out of her dancing.  The staff will put the radio on just to see her moves!
She has just started to swim, she can't go that far yet.  I can say we have not brought her vest to the pool in over a month.
She will eat just about anything you giver.  She eats cherry tomato's like they are candy.  String cheese, raisin brand, and frozen yo-plait yogurt are her favorite foods at this time.