Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr Jump

When Mr Jump became a "frog" we had to get a stage 2 habitat. When it came in the mail it was pretty large and it was suppose to come with another tadpole but instead it came with a full grown frog.

So now we have 2 frogs which means I have to clean the water a lot more. It was every 3 days otherwise the house would start to smell. So in order to change the water the directions stated we had to boil water not use tap water. Last week I was changing the water like normal, boil it let it sit for a few hours and then place the frogs in the water. I did this and while I was cleaning the mess up I looked over and 1 frog was on its back and the other frog was going crazy at the top (all while Austin was watching). It turns out that the water was still to warm. The frog they sent in the mail (jump 2) was ok as soon as I got him out of the water, but Mr Jump was not doing to well, it took me 10-15 mins to bring him back to life. It took all I had, I had to place him in shallow water rub his stomach to stimulate him.

So right away I got on the phone and ordered a filter so I don't have to change the water as often. I was not sure how I was going to explain this all to Austin.

But all is well and we still have 2 frogs Mr Jump (1) and jump 2

Monday, April 26, 2010


Savannah has started to clap. When ever Ring of Fire is on she thinks she needs to clap. She gets a little confused and tries to clap 2 ways. She always starts by hitting her legs and then on to the real clapping.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No more T

To no surprise Austin loves his sports. He has been doing big hits off the t-ball set since the begging of last year. This year I asked him to give it a try without the T and to our surprise he is doing pretty well.

This video is about the 3 time he was tried to hit the ball. Rob said he is timing it, either way I think it is good that at 3 he is hitting the ball being pitched to him.

We wanted to sign him up for t-ball this year but he is still to young. Next year.

Elmwood Zoo

Last week the kids and I went to Downingtown for a visit. It was a very busy week. We had Valerie almost every night. We went to see pretty much everyone we know (well not everyone, but a lot of people). On Monday we went to see Jennifer where he played with Justin. After that we went to the park to play with Maria and the girls. On Tuesday we went to see Aunt Joann where we saw Leslie and her little boys he played for something like 3 hours. On Wednesday had lunch with Janine and then to Billie's where he played with Ethan, then to Beam and Poppy's. On Thursday we went to Elmwood Zoo with Maria, McKenzie, and Morgan. Then Friday... home. Of course we stayed with Nanny and Poppy all week. I think everyone had a blast. It was a packed week. Austin got so use to playing with someone everyday he was asking who he was going to play with next.

Pictures from the zoo:

We piled all in the mini van, I have never had so many carseats in the car at one time. It was an interesting ride. The kids were all very good. Savannah even managed to fall a sleep even though it was extremely loud. I do think the Nissan is pretty roomy and this ride proved it we had 4 kids in car seats, 2 adults, diaper bags and 2 strollers with room to spare. Although Maria hit her head on the dvd players several times. On the way home all the kids finally fell a sleep except Austin.

Daddy's fires

It looks like Austin will start to enjoy the fires daddy has outback. We had the first fire a couple weeks ago. Rob's Friends from work came over and brought their 2 kids as well. They stayed up until 9, had mountain pies and marshmallows.

I didn't get any pictures after everything got started, but here are a few as we were getting ready.

Austin helping daddy get wood for the fire

The first Curve game

With the first curve game behind us it truly does feel like the warm weather is on it's way. Even though as I type this it is a cold 45 degrees and rainy!

This game was a big deal, some big deal guy was pitching even ESPN was present to film him. Daddy was looking forward to this game as much as Austin was. It was so packed it was standing room only.

The reasons Austin likes to go to the games.

Running the bases:

With daddy:

Find steamer:

Out of 15 pictures this is pretty much the best picture I got of Pap and Savannah, Pap was looking at the camera but Savannah was always looking someplace else. I thought them interacting was better.
Austin also loves the fireworks, but they didn't have any on this day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inch worm

Savannah has started to "crawl". It's more like a inch worm, but she is now very mobile, never staying in one place. She has been doing this for about a week and a half but this is her first time leaving the living-room. And always finding things she should not have. Even if I sweep everyday she still manages to find something to put in her mouth.

On another note, she has been sleeping very well this week until last night. She has been going down around7 and sleeping until 630-730. The down fall, it seems she goes to the "bathroom" every single night after I put her to bed and now she has a little rash. So I have started to put cream on her to clean it up and also help prevent it I hope, I sure don't like the smell of that first thing every morning, I hope it ends soon. However last night she was up a lot but there was a reason, she now has 3 teeth. She got her right upper front tooth last night.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A run for his money

I do believe Savannah will be giving Austin a run for his money someday soon.

On our walk today we put both kids in the wagon (wanted to get pictures but Savannah was way past done by the time we got home). The wagon is a 2 seater that the kids face each other. Before we left for the walk I gave both kids a dum dum lolli. The kids were really enjoying each other and their lollies then on the way back we hear Austin cry out "awe" and getting upset (Rob and I were talking to each other), when we looked at the kids we see Savannah has grabbed Austin's lolli out of his hand and is now sucking on his, hers was on the ground. It was funny and I couldn't help but laugh I mean come on a 8 month old took a 3 year old's lolli and he didn't retaliate. On the other hand thankful that he didn't get mean with her. Such a good big brother.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Last week I took Savannah to get her ear's pierced. It went a lot better than I expected. Rob refused to be present. Austin sat in the stroller and had a lolli. Savannah let out one of those cries that you can see she is getting ready to cry but nothing comes out for about 30 seconds. They gave her a lolli as well and all has been well. She doesn't mind when I clean them or anything. However we went to the curve Sunday and someone still called her a boy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Valerie came for a visit

she wanted her hair curled for church

coloring eggs

at the park

Over Easter Valerie was home for a visit. It was so nice to have her home again. Everyone had a great time and Austin was really sad to see her go home.

She had a friend over Friday night, then on Saturday we went to the saddest Easter egg hunt, then for ice cream. On Sunday we went to Granny's for Easter. Monday we just hung out at home and all played. Then Tuesday was the dreaded day for her to go home.

She has only been gone since September but she really is growing up. In her mind she was to big for the Easter egg hunt, and didn't want to play at the park. She wants to listen to music write things like V&L for ever (she says "L" is made up), go for walks watch movies and be in her room with her door shut.

We can't wait for June to have you home for good Valerie!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Austin is swimming

I was getting a little worried about Austin and the water. He has been getting upset in the bathtub and in the hot tub when he gets water in his eyes. So the last couple of times that we have gotten in the hot tube I have been playing things with him that would require him to get his face a little wet. Last night he just went for it! One he started it was hard to get him out of the tub