Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inch worm

Savannah has started to "crawl". It's more like a inch worm, but she is now very mobile, never staying in one place. She has been doing this for about a week and a half but this is her first time leaving the living-room. And always finding things she should not have. Even if I sweep everyday she still manages to find something to put in her mouth.

On another note, she has been sleeping very well this week until last night. She has been going down around7 and sleeping until 630-730. The down fall, it seems she goes to the "bathroom" every single night after I put her to bed and now she has a little rash. So I have started to put cream on her to clean it up and also help prevent it I hope, I sure don't like the smell of that first thing every morning, I hope it ends soon. However last night she was up a lot but there was a reason, she now has 3 teeth. She got her right upper front tooth last night.

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