Monday, June 29, 2009


Austin has become a firework junky with the help of daddy who really enjoys lighting them off. On Saturday they put on a little show for me

Valerie's party

Valerie, Mia, Lexi, Madison, Amanda

all the girls on the trampoline

All the girls playing in the pool

Valerie has left us for a little over a month to spend some time with her father and his side of the family. She was really excited to be able to spend some time with both sides of her family this summer. We let her have a little pool party before she left, she had a really good time. Here are a few pictures showing her and her Altoona friends.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Valerie's school picnic

Mommy was nervous for this ride

His favorite ride

Valerie on her 1 ride with us

Valerie at lunch

This use to be Austin's favorite ride

At the end of each year Valerie's school has a picnic at a local amusement park. So today was the day. We were there maybe 10mins before Valerie found one of her friends and off she went. We did meet up with her for lunch and got to watch her on one ride. Austin had fun although he missed sissy going on rides with him. But it was nice for Valerie to have someone to ride with. All in all both kids had a blast. Valerie's favorite ride is the space ride which is an inside ride and we couldn't take pictures. Austins favorite ride is a tiny roller coaster he rode it 3 times before we left.

power went out

Yesterday the power went out about 5p until around 8p, and it was raining so we couldn't go outside. I was pretty impressed with the kids. They got out some coloring supplies sat in front of the big window downstairs and colored for about an hour with no complaints. There wasn't much light coming in the window but they made do. I love it when they play so nice together.


Valerie did it!! For the first time she made honor roll!!! Her grades got better with each marking period, but I didn't think they would get this good. It is good for her to see that even though she struggled this year, and had to put a lot of time and hard work in she came out on top. Hard work pays off in the end.

Here is to our 5th grader!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Valerie tending to her new water baby

Yes we just got rid of dolls and she felt the need to buy a new one

Valerie decided to color Austin and her hair, hers washed out because she goes under

Austin in the pool all by himself and loving it

The pool is finally blue and clear, not to mention finally out of the 60's (71). It took about 2 weeks from the time we took the cover off to get it this way (which is progress). And I have to admit, it was my fault last year that I couldn't keep the pool blue. I opened it wrong and I payed for it all summer. I put new sand in this year and so far all is good. Valerie was her normal self and jumped right in, Austin I had to put in and and hold his hand a few times, then off he went.

Monday, June 8, 2009


some of the fireworks

The kids get to run the bases after each weekend home game, you cant really see but Valerie is the one just past steamer in pink

Valerie and her friend from school

Valerie, Daddy (Rob), Valerie getting ready to watch the game

Sunday we took the kids to the Curve game because they had fireworks, the kids really love the fireworks. And of course the Curve lost but everyone had fun. Valerie's friend came along as well.

yard sale

End of the day everyone is tired
Austin trying on Weezy's shoes
Valerie and Austin at her table
Valerie standing by her table
Saturday we had a yard sale everyone helped. Valerie got to have her own table and sell her things. It was at Weezy's house, and Granny came to sell as well. Valerie's friend happened to show up and she stayed with Valerie throughout the sale they were quite the the sales ladies.

Thursday, June 4, 2009



We went to the grocery store the other day and Austin got really excited when he saw watermelon and asked to have it, I couldn't refuse because it was at least something healthy. So he carried it through the store came home and he was begging to eat it right away. He gave it to daddy to open, daddy opened it put it on the table walked away to go get a cutting board and knife, I was putting the rest of the grocery's away and Valerie was putting her school stuff away. When Rob came back to the table this is what we saw. Valerie came out to see what we thought was funny and then Valerie wanted some too. Rob and I decided to opt out of watermelon for obvious reasons.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Banana cream pie

The finished product

Austin enjoying the mixing bowl
Yes his dinner is on the table, he did have to eat his dinner before he actually got a piece of pie

last night I found a weight watchers recipe for banana cream pie and it was really easy to make. It took me a little longer to make it because I had to make the gram cracker crust from scratch because I didn't buy one. But that only made it healthier for us. Valerie didn't want any she said she liked it when she tasted it on the spoon, but she never turns down a snack. She didn't even want to help Austin to clean the bowl. Austin and daddy loved it.