Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Valerie tending to her new water baby

Yes we just got rid of dolls and she felt the need to buy a new one

Valerie decided to color Austin and her hair, hers washed out because she goes under

Austin in the pool all by himself and loving it

The pool is finally blue and clear, not to mention finally out of the 60's (71). It took about 2 weeks from the time we took the cover off to get it this way (which is progress). And I have to admit, it was my fault last year that I couldn't keep the pool blue. I opened it wrong and I payed for it all summer. I put new sand in this year and so far all is good. Valerie was her normal self and jumped right in, Austin I had to put in and and hold his hand a few times, then off he went.

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Melanie said...

Is he wearing swimming trunks this year?!? No more birthday suit?