Tuesday, May 31, 2011


WOW, so sorry it has been such a long time since the last post. I am not sure how to go about all the time we have missed. I am sure I will miss somethings, but get the most important stuff.

Lets see I think I will give you all a quick run down of what has been going on then, try to come back with more details and such.

1st one of the main reasons I have not blogged is I dropped the computer not long after my last post. It still works, just the colors are all off, and it is hard to look at the screen. I can blog from my phone, but with no pictures. I have fallen into the habit of posting things right away to facebook. Only because it is so easy to do. However, I don't want to get in the habit of that.

Since the last time, we have had several visitors, Granny, Grammpy, Weezy, Aunt Mel, Papp and Ama. It was a fun time to have visitors. It makes you really miss being around family and friends. We do love it here, but having everyone come so close made it so we really miss the closeness when they are gone.

School is almost over for both Austin and Valerie. Valerie has done a good job at getting her grades up to passing, we were scared for a while. We are hitting the end of the school year activities. Last week, Austin's school had a recital for all the kids in extra activities, and he got to show off his karate. This week is his graduation and pizza party. We have no idea what is going on at Valerie's school, because she doesn't tell us until it is over. They end on the 9th. Then the "group" is heading to the pool for the afternoon.

Valerie is growing up so fast!! Last week she went to the pool without an adult and just with friends. Then this weekend we barley saw her. She had a friend sleep over Friday, and then a bunch of the "group" spent the night at another girls house. She even chose to just "hang out" with friends yesterday instead of doing a day trip to the beach with the family. And dare I saw we have hit the "boy stage".

Savannah is growing like a weed. Not that that is anything new. Her new things are: 3 word sentences, swimming with a vest and no parent, of course being miss independent. If she needs a diaper change, she will go get a diaper, wipes and cream and bring them to you. I think after Austin is done this week, we will give the potty training thing a shot. I am not sure how it's going to work, but she does seem ready. From a medical stand point, they always told us you have no control over your bladder until you are two. So we shall see. She is trying to climb out of her crib. This is much earlier than Austin, and I don't think Valerie ever attempted to climb out.

Austin has addicted to biking about 1 month ago he asked if he could race bikes. I tried to find something for him and was having a hard time. The neighbor told us to try BMX so off we went last week. And dare I say he is in LOVE! this is all he talks about now and when can he race, is it practice day. And of course daddy is a nervous wreck. I must say Daddy is handling it a little better after the first day. After Valerie saw Austin on the track she now wants to give it a try. So tonight is her first night. I am not looking forward for Valerie trying it because, she gets hurt so easy. I am praying she makes it out without to many bumps and bruises.

For now that is all. I will leave you with a few pictures. However I am using Valerie's computer so I only have what was on the camera for the past week. I will come back and give more details and pictures later.

At his recital

a must wear, full face helmet

Weezy and Savannah enjoying the water

Captain of the boat