Monday, September 28, 2009

Austin Ickes

Austin has finally settled into school and he wants to go everyday. When we get in the car he first tells me who got hit there seems to be someone hitting someone else everyday (I am a little nervous about this). Then he tells me a little about what they did. On Thursday he got in the car and said they sang a song it was called Good by everyone. When I asked if he sang the song he said no Austin Ickes did. He seems to talk in the 3rd person when it comes to school.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sewing again

Binky clip, we just started to try and use a binky this week, so far she is not really taking them, but we will keep trying for when I go back to work. I will be adding some bling to the clip soon.
Soft sole shoes, the material came from Japan (I think it was Japan), when Aunt Mel went last year I had not use the material yet and thought it would look cute for the shoes. These ones are a little big yet but she will grow into them
The easiest thing I have ever made a little pink and yellow tutu. I am in the process of making a princes top to go with it. I think I will also put little rosets and a bow to dress it up as well.

Ok so I have finally started sewing again after the birth of Savannah and now I can't stop. Here are some pictures of new items I made last night and today for Savannah. I am waiting for any old button down shirts from anyone that has them to make Austin some shirts.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

PSU game

Savannah, Daddy and Austin

Savannah's first game

Austin made a little friend while learning how to tailgate

Aunt Mel gave Daddy, Austin, and Ben (his new little friend) tattoo's
Last Saturday Aunt Mel took Austin to his first PSU game, Daddy was kinda sad he could go with him for his 1st one. But tickets were given to us by Pap So Granny, Grampy, Aunt Mel, Uncle Bubba, Daddy, Mommy, Austin and Savannah all went this past Saturday. Austin had his first tailgate, I think he was a little overwelmed we stayed until half time and then called it a day.


Austin has been in a big boy bed since last November. We were really nervous about him getting in and out of bed since the kids sleep on one level and we sleep on another, however to our surprise Austin never attempted to get out of bed. This past Saturday Rob and I were downstairs getting ready to leave (waiting to last minute to wake Austin up) and we heard something upstairs (JoePa was outside) so we both came up and at the top of the steps Austin was standing there. So we will see if our getting up time changes now that he knows he can get out of bed. He told me tonight he was going to come get me up in the morning...we shall see.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Austin's 3rd birthday

He really enjoyed this toy, now he can be like daddy

Everyone tried on the goggles (I think). Even Weezy!!

Austin Helping me decorate the cake
Another great toy from Jenny
Austin ended up with 2 separate birthday parties this year. Sunday was a party for Rob's side of the family, it was just a small get together. Ama and Pap gave him is gift when we got back from the beach it was new hot red 4 wheeler (which he loves), Nanny, Poppy (a toy just like Ben's a matchbox pop up), and Aunt Danielle (new bookbag) gave him his gifts when we stopped by on the way home from the beach. He is going to start to think he gets several days to celebrate his birthday. A few pictures to share. Austin's cake was suppose to be a Diego cake but I left the candle at the beach I thought no problem I will just buy another one, well I went to 4 stores to get the candle and nobody had a Diego candle so we made it a animal cake which he seemed to love. He did place the animal in the water which aunt Mel pointed out looked like the animal pooped!! He loved that.

Friday, September 11, 2009

1st smile

I was excited to share that Savannah had her first smile today!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Valerie's first day

Valerie is now going to Octorara School, she is in 5th grade and going to what they call an intermediate school for 5th and 6th grades. Troy sent me 2 pictures of her on her first day. She said she liked it and that she was ahead in both math and English so I hope it makes the school year a good one for her.

Austin's first day of school

Austin running into school on his first day

Getting ready to go into the school for the first time
Tuesday was Austins first day of preschool. Daddy really took it hard and I had a hard time getting him to leave. Mommy forgot his book bag on the first day, way to go mommy. When he got in the car he pointed to himself and said "Austin Ickes". I never realized that I didn't teach him his full name. He talked about playing on the big red slide, sitting on the fish (picture on the carpet), and about a little boy Brandon (who got in trouble for pushing Austin into a wall, according to Austin). It sounded like he had a really good day.

Vacation 3

But Austin did bury daddy in the hole
This is how deep it was, he wouldn't let daddy bury him in it
The hole complete and Austin playing in it.

Austin saw a hole that was deep enough for water and asked daddy to help him dig one, which they did.

Vacation 2

Austins favorite thing to do in the water running in and when a wave comes he would run out.
There were two girls doing gymnastics at the edge of the water and Austin wanted to join in on the fun. This is his handstand, he did pretty good. Thank you sissy for teaching him how to do one.
Savannah's first trip to the beach


Daddy and Austin sleeping on the beach
A very tired Austin on the first day

Having fun in the sand
This year we went to Ocean City, NJ with the entire Rutter family. Benjamin and Austin had a blast together, Maddie tried to join in but most of the time the boys ran her over. Savannah enjoyed her first beach trip, and daddy didn't mind because there was not that much sun. I will put a few post same as before so I can put up several pictures.

Austins birthday

Both boys caught!!
Austin enjoying the icing
Austins birthday was at the beach this year. So we celebrated by making cupcakes and a sheet cake. The boys had fun with the icing (Beam did as well). I think they ate more then they put on the cupcakes. We are going to have a little celebration Sunday for the family that was unable to be with us.


For those of you who don't know Valerie has decided to live with her father. We took her 2 Friday's ago, so she could start school without missing to much time. So unfortunately she didn't get to go on vacation with us (she was missed by all). We did stop by to see her Saturday and she seemed to be in good spirits and happy. We will keep you posted. For this reason only Valerie pictures will not be as often as the other kids.