Monday, September 21, 2009

Sewing again

Binky clip, we just started to try and use a binky this week, so far she is not really taking them, but we will keep trying for when I go back to work. I will be adding some bling to the clip soon.
Soft sole shoes, the material came from Japan (I think it was Japan), when Aunt Mel went last year I had not use the material yet and thought it would look cute for the shoes. These ones are a little big yet but she will grow into them
The easiest thing I have ever made a little pink and yellow tutu. I am in the process of making a princes top to go with it. I think I will also put little rosets and a bow to dress it up as well.

Ok so I have finally started sewing again after the birth of Savannah and now I can't stop. Here are some pictures of new items I made last night and today for Savannah. I am waiting for any old button down shirts from anyone that has them to make Austin some shirts.

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Melanie said...

those booties are adorable! what a great idea to do with that material! (yes, it's straight from a street vendor from japan)