Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Felt board

After I made Austin the table tent I had a lot of felt left over so I have been trying to find things to make with felt, surprisingly I really like working with felt and felt makes great toys for kids. I have made 2 felt mail bags, 2 felt crayon rolls, 2 felt balls and my favorite is a felt board. I never knew about them and I was looking to make a gift for a 5yr old and I think this is perfect as there interest change you can add things and even make it a learning activity. I even put a little pocket on the back so there is a place to keep the pieces. I am finally running out of felt.

Savannah's new hat

I wanted a stocking cap for Savannah but couldn't find a pattern so off I went to try and make her one here is the finished product. I only took it apart and back together 3xs not bad(Haha). I love it

Boys vs Girls

Valerie is almost 11 so her early years may not be that fresh in my memory but WOW Austin is much different at this age (3).

Valerie has always been very girly, having tissues rolled in her sleves (ewe), having a little purse, never wanting to get dirty, and up to about a year ago only wanting to wear skirts and dresses.

I was looking foward to having a boy, willing to play outside no matter what type of day it was, not caring if he gets dirty, not having to spend 1/2hour doing hair (that didn't happen) and enjoying all the little things for the boys. But I never calculated the difference in there activity levels or demeanor. I am sure different genes have a little to do with it.

Austin has become a wild man lately, uncontrollable, very loud, rough (but sweet), and always on the move...he wears me out!! When Valerie was this age she was pushing babies, dressing up, coloring, and quite. What a difference but a lot of fun still.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We all know that my luck with cars has never been good. Well I am beginging to think that this Nissan is cursed!! I feel like is always in the shop. Well it was in the shop this morning again, it was in last week. So the service guys offered to bring it home for me. How nice I thought. Well he brought it home and instead of sticking it in the 1 of the 2 spots that were not covered with snow he pulled it straight up at the top of the hill. When Austin and I were going downstairs he looked out the window and asked what happened to my car. Well to my surprise this is where it was sitting. It slide down the hill, and I am sure glad that it stopped when it did. I called the dealership and they were nice enough to pay for a tow truck to come and get me out. So I guess it could have been worse. It's not even that much of a hill.

Austin's kitchen

towel bar

chalkboard to write his menu

the finished project

This is what we started with
Finally it is done!! I am so happy...now I can park in the garage again and I am officially done with wood. Let's just say nobody will be getting anymore wood projects from me, I am sticking strictly to cloth. I like the fact that I can rip something apart and put it back together if I don't like it, well not with wood!

Santa visit

So yesterday we took Austin and Savannah to see Santa. To my surprise it went pretty good. We were not allowed to take pictures so I will try to scan one in soon. Austin wouldn't wear a tie but Savannah wore her dress and didn't even know who was holding her. I did feel bad for Austin, we kept telling him he had to ask Santa for his number 1 gift (dragon castle) which he did when we were leaving Austin started to get upset and almost cried. He thought he was going to get a present from Santa that very day. I had to explain or try anyway how it works. He still is saying "Santa no give me a present". I am pretty sure he will be happy Christmas morning.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas dress

I wanted to make Savannah a Christmas dress, so here it is mostly done. I think I am going to add fabric roses. I like the way it came out. I bought a pattern but only used it for the size because the pattern I wanted was over double the cost. This pattern was only3.99 and if you look closely the material may look similar, it is the shawl from Danielle's wedding. I plan on making Austin a matching tie for Santa pictures.

Christmas decorations

hanging the infamous penn state air plane
This is the first year that Rob decorated the Christmas tree as you can tell by the pictures, all the Penn State ornaments are upfront. So it was Austin and Rob while Savannah and I watched. Austin was excited to hang the Penn State ornaments daddy even attempted to let him hang them until he dropped one and it broke. For a minute I thought I had two 3yr olds on my hands Austin was upset that it broke and daddy was equally upset. All is well because the hot glue gun saves all!! From then on When ever Austin was given an ornament to hang he said "I be careful I wont drop anymore" I felt so bad for him. This year we only did the tree.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

update Savannah

Well I went in the room to make sure she was not wet (she had a cloth on) and came back out. She cried for about 30-40mins and then back to sleep until 830. I guess that was not to bad. But it sure was hard. She woke up happy as could be!! Here is to tonight!

1 time thing

Well last night must have been a one time thing. I had to listen to Savannah cry for a while tonight and here it is 220am and I am listening to her again. She made if from 8p-2a, is that good enough should I go in, the doctor says no but he also says if she puts herself to sleep she wont wake up in the middle of the night and if she puts herself to sleep once that's all it takes. Well Savannah didn't want to play that game. What to do??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Savannah is 4 months

Savannah had her 4 month check up yesterday all in all she did very well. She didn't take to kindly to the shot they gave her, next Monday we have to go back for 1 more I wouldn't let them give them all to her at once. They were prepared for this though because they are not allowed to give Austin several at a time. The doctors have no concern with shooting the kids up with all sorts of vaccinations at one time but I am sick with a fever and cough and I can't take anything but honey and Motrin go figure. We were waiting to see if she was old enough to try the cry it out method and he said of course. So we prepared ourselves last night...We put Savannah in her crib on her back and walked out...not a peep from her until 530 am. She did wake up several times but went back to sleep on her own, it would have been a good nights sleep for me if I was not so worried. I did go in (at 530) I thought she would be up for the day but she ate and went back to sleep until 9am. Why did I wait so long?? Lets pray that tonight goes well too.

weight 16.5lbs- over 95%
length 26.5-over 95% where did this come from??
Head 16 75%


So the rest of the trip was great!! We all can't wait to go back. Rob and I ventured out to this small hometown bar and it was great. Instead of having a crane that you played to get stuffed animals you played for lobster and while we were there we watched someone dump in at least $14 and get nothing then watched someone get 2 lobsters for $4 (it coast $2 a game). While we were in the back listening to the band, who had homemade interments and played in there bare feet we saw a sign reserved for, (I can't believe I forgot his name lets call him phil for the blog entry). As we were walking up to the front of the bar we heard everyone say hi phil who just walked in the door. Here he was I would say a 80yr old man who had an orange vest (because he walked) on he sat down at the bar they gave him his drink and he pulled out pretzels and started chatting to everyone. Rob says he is living the life. As we were leaving everybody at the bar yelled bye to us. I can't wait to go back and be a regular at this place!!

I edited this:
His name is Ralphie


enjoying the warm weather...cold pool

outside playing in shorts t-shirt and its November

enjoying the nice night

Grampy is the only adult that would brave the cold waters
Sorry I haven't posted in a while making Christmas gifts has taken most of my time. Lets start with Florida. The ride down went much better than we anticipated. Valerie was the first to fall asleep...then she woke up at midnight and said she took a nap and wanted to stay up for the rest of the ride. Our response sorry honey back to sleep you go. Austin slept through the night and Savannah woke up whenever we stopped to get gas. Poor Rob had to drive most of the way. The kids had a really good time they got in the pool every day but 1 when it rained. We even got to get in the ocean (it was so warm). Here are a few pictures.