Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Savannah is 4 months

Savannah had her 4 month check up yesterday all in all she did very well. She didn't take to kindly to the shot they gave her, next Monday we have to go back for 1 more I wouldn't let them give them all to her at once. They were prepared for this though because they are not allowed to give Austin several at a time. The doctors have no concern with shooting the kids up with all sorts of vaccinations at one time but I am sick with a fever and cough and I can't take anything but honey and Motrin go figure. We were waiting to see if she was old enough to try the cry it out method and he said of course. So we prepared ourselves last night...We put Savannah in her crib on her back and walked out...not a peep from her until 530 am. She did wake up several times but went back to sleep on her own, it would have been a good nights sleep for me if I was not so worried. I did go in (at 530) I thought she would be up for the day but she ate and went back to sleep until 9am. Why did I wait so long?? Lets pray that tonight goes well too.

weight 16.5lbs- over 95%
length 26.5-over 95% where did this come from??
Head 16 75%

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