Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A castle for Austin

Many years ago (3) Austin got an Imaginex dragon castle. This year before Christmas we went through toys that we didn't play anymore. To my surprise he was willing to give this castle up.
Then came Christmas when miss Savannah got a doll house. Now Austin wished he still had his castle. About 2 weeks ago he asked me to make him one. I panicked, I felt this was past my abilities. Most of the items I make are based off something I have seen or what someone has already made.
I agreed to attempt it only with his help. I am so proud of him and he is pretty proud himself:)
I did the cuts, he sanded, glued, nailed and painted. All with supervision. He explained what he wanted it to look like and the colors. His must haves were dungeon, stairs and a door. I added hinges so he could open it up and play and a look out platform. When were were almost done he announced a Dragon must be on the side. This was a challenging task for me...but I'm so glade I did it.
I'm glad enjoys making things. He couldn't wait to share it with his friends)