Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School year is in full swing

Austin started school on Monday and Savannah started Tuesday. 
Austin has made it to 2nd grade with Mrs. Hernandez.  We did get to meet his teacher before we left for Disney.  When we left the house I left his summer book on the table.  He made me turn around and get it so he could turn it in.  I did start to feel a little guilty for lying about the book. But she was pretty impressed with his book and he made him feel good.  First impressions were great.  Crossing our fingers for a great year.

Savannah started the VPK program that Florida offers.  She will be going Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-2.  We did decide to put her in the same school Austin went to when we moved here.  She did bike the 3 miles to get Austin today. Not sure she liked it too much. 

Here is to a good year. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Birthday celebration

This weekend was our big birthday celebration for both kids.    It was packed and everyone came home tired.
We went an day early to spend time at the hotel for pool and arcade time.  We were suppose to do campfire sing along with Chip and Dale however it got rained out.

The kids chose the pirate league for dress up.  The kids were suppose to be in a parade but they were too tired and we left for naps before the parade.  Nobody made it back to the hotel room.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Football is in full swing

This is Austin's 2nd year in football.  I'm not sure why he loves it so much, but he sure does.  Rob is helping coach again.  Savannah and I have made it to more practices so far this year.  Last year it seemed to rain every afternoon without fail.  Of course they still had practice, but us girls didn't have to go sit in the rain.
Our neighbor and friends are on the team this year which makes practice nice.  Savannah has a playmate so I can actually watch some practice.

On Friday they had official weight in.  It was from 4-9 so the girls did dinner and the park.  It was a good time for the girls anyway.

 The kids were not doing the drill right so the head coach turned to Rob and let loose.  I think there was a little uncertainty in Rob.  Of course he held his own.

 Austin is the same 55 this year
 Austin Charging
 Contact made

Summer running partners

This summer I have continued my running only I have partners for a few months. 
All three kids would go with me most days which made it nice for me.  I enjoy it much more when the kids go with.  Plus, I don't have the option to just walk...I have to keep up with them. 

No that Valerie has gone back to PA we changed our route.  I was able to add miles without the kids knowing (was another reason).  They enjoy it a little bit more as well because we run by a park on our new route.  If all goes well and I don't have to repremand during the run we get to stop on the way home. 

At the park the kids spend most of their time on this rope thing that goes very high.  It didn't bother me too much in the beginning because Savannah would kinda hang at the bottom.  The bottom is no longer good enough for her and now she has found her way to the top with Austin.  It is a little scary when your not expecting them to be a the very top and when you look back you see they have made it.  The fear of a big fall is so scary.  For Mom anyway.  I will be amazed if these 2 kids get through their childhood without broken bones. 

 This is the first time he has gone this high.  Normally he only goes to the black plat form you see in the next picture. 
 my face as I turned for the first time to see her so high!

Savannah our dare devil

Savannah is our little dare devil...she loves to try new things.  She is also our adventurous child.  She will try anything once.

A few weeks ago she found these bars on the side of the swing set and in the same night she had it figured out.  She is enjoying the bars often now.

Tonight is her first night of gymnastics hope it goes this well. 

Sissy was always right there to spot her. 

A baby no more

 When she found out what the headphones really were

Thanks sissy for the good photo's
It is hard to believe little miss Savannah has turned 4.
She is funny, kind, hard headed and independent.   She will stand up for herself and others.   She is a joy to be around.
We celebrated her birthday when granny and grampy were in town.  Both kids chose Disney over birthday parties again.  So just cake and family.  Savannah enjoyed herself.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Roller Hockey

I first took Austin roller skating on Christmas break.  He has loved it ever since.  About 2 months ago I took them.  Austin saw a sign for roller hockey.  Well the question's started.  After talking with the staff Austin got a free practice. 
It was a long hr of constant movement.
He came off an hr into the practice with his feet hurting.  Then he said he didnt want to do it.  This came as a big surprise.   This has never happened.   The coach came out and talked to him.  Which we found out (kinda knew already). He would just need better skates.  His are from Walmart.  It was his arch.  After this suggestion.   Our normal Austin returned and asked to play.
We are gonna wait until fall season since football just started. 
He will be one of the youngest but this is the normal for us anymore.

Valerie teaching Austin

2 weeks ago Valerie pulled out the skateboard.  Austin and Savannah enjoy the skateboard as well.  Of course they don't do it the right way.
So Valerie was attempting to teach Austin.  It was an event to watch.  Kinda of like the blind leading the blind.  Over all Valerie did a good job and they were both riding the length of my car by the end.

Friday, August 2, 2013

A 10 mile bike ride

So I made a dentist appointment for the kids 6 months ago.  It turned out that Pap needed the car that day.  I thought no problem we will bike. 
I was pretty confident that everyone would make it there, just not sure about coming home.  It was about 4.5-5 miles one way.
They did make it the entire way with a stop at the grocery store.  Savannah started to reach her end about 1 mile from the house...but she kept going.

Valerie has picked up sewing

Valerie has enjoyed sewing on this visit much more than she has in the past.
She has made a cover for her table, a dress for Savannah and a sweatshirt for herself.  I have picture of everything but the sweatshirt.  Even though she tries...I wont let her wear it in our Florida weather

Music on the beach

So far this year we have only gone to music on the beach once.  It doesn't start until 630 and end til 930.  Kinda late for our house. Each other time we thought of going it has rained.
This time the kids seemed to have a good time.  Pap took them up to dance in front of the band, they play in the sand and get ice cream at the end.

Taking the boat out

We took Paps boat out for the first time a couple weeks ago. 
I was pretty relaxed until we got going.  It was clear we needed to steo back and figure out how to truly drive it.  Once the 2 Captions figured it out, it was smooth sailing.  We just went a short distance enough to find a place to jump off and swim.