Sunday, August 4, 2013

Roller Hockey

I first took Austin roller skating on Christmas break.  He has loved it ever since.  About 2 months ago I took them.  Austin saw a sign for roller hockey.  Well the question's started.  After talking with the staff Austin got a free practice. 
It was a long hr of constant movement.
He came off an hr into the practice with his feet hurting.  Then he said he didnt want to do it.  This came as a big surprise.   This has never happened.   The coach came out and talked to him.  Which we found out (kinda knew already). He would just need better skates.  His are from Walmart.  It was his arch.  After this suggestion.   Our normal Austin returned and asked to play.
We are gonna wait until fall season since football just started. 
He will be one of the youngest but this is the normal for us anymore.

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