Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To Aunt Mel

Aunt Mel sent us this shirt in the mail. We all know that daddy and Austin are HUGE Charger fans. When we opened it up Austin said...awe it's Steelers. So I thought we would make it wearable. I only did this because it came from a second had shop (at least I am 99% sure). And the best part... Austin did the painting and is now happily wearing it at the moment.

the right side
left side before

the new left side

The new front and now the hat reads Steelers stink

Monday, March 29, 2010


Now that Savannah has started to really show off her personality it's hard not to compare Austin and Savannah. It was pretty hard and still is to Compare Valerie to Austin because of the big age difference and well different daddy's.

I have always known that Austin pretty much has my personality but it really show's now that Savannah is around and well let’s face it, she has Robs.

For the most part Rob is easy going (unless it comes to winning a game). We all know he is very friendly and can talk to anyone.

I don't remember too much about my younger years, maybe I blocked it out. But I always remember that my granddad nick named be grumpy and when my Aunt Marie first starting see my Uncle Michael everyone told her not to try and warm up to me because I was grumpy and wasn't very friendly. (She was the one person I did become friendly with I guess.). As an adult it is pretty hard for me to warm up to people still. I don't think I am mean...maybe guarded? Once I get to know you I think I am friendly.

Well back to the reason for this post. I have noticed that Savannah is a generally happy baby, smiles, will go to anyone and the big thing I have notice when she wakes up she is really happy (daddy).

When it comes to Austin he takes awhile to warm up to people, he is pretty nasty when he first wakes up (mommy), and when he gets mad he gets mad at everyone.

I think Valerie is a pretty good mix of Troy and Me. She is laid back like Troy, has my attitude, Troy’s built and looks like me.

So…Savannah not only looks like Rob but I think has his personality and Austin has looks like me and has my personality.Let’s face it the kids all give my nasty looks when they are mad.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

productive day

I got a lot of crafting done yesterday, normally I would just put this on my craft blog but I thought these were cute, and Austin helped me make them. He can't wait to eat off of them. We have to bake them today.

We are waiting for Valerie to come home for Easter when we can get an updated photo and she can help me with hers to add to the plate family.

Can you make me

Yesterday I took the kids to the salvation army in search of some good finds. At the register there was a glass case with a antique toy tractor inside. Austin was asking questions about it but never asked me to buy it for him. When we were all in the car driving home, Austin asked if I could make him a toy tractor? Of all the things he could have asked me to make...I tried to explain mommy could only make things out of fabric, that maybe I could find a pattern for a tractor softie. He was ok with this. It seems he has high expectations for mommy. We stopped at Michale's and I scored, In the $1.00 bin I found a wood tractor that you paint and put together. Even better he can help!

So instead of making him a tractor softie he got this...
Made out of a mens sweater found at Salvation Army for $3.00

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hair cut

Austin's hair has been getting out of control lately and I didn't know what to do with it. He didn't want it cut, but didn't want it combed either. His hair looks really nice when combed, but if it's not combed it looks really really bad! Tonight I finally put my foot down (against daddy's better judgment) and cut it. It is our summer hawk. This is not a dramatic one, but if you look close you will see it. His hair even curls better now then before the cut. Now we wont need all his hair products, I swear he had more hair products than I have to keep it tame.


A few days after they were bought.

I got these flowers from daddy on Saint Patrick's day,( can you tell what is daddy's favorite holiday?)

And a few weeks ago Weezy got Granny flowers for her birthday from the kids. Each time they were given to Austin to give to the recipient. But when it was time to present the flowers to the person Austin got pretty upset and didn't want to let the flowers go. He thought they were for him. I was only allowed to have 1 flower the rest were his. Granny was able to take her's home but she had to give Austin a rose before she left.

Austin and the computer

We have a few computer games left over from when Valerie was younger, so we have started to let Austin play them.

He is now able to do the games all by himself. He can navigate through the main menu and find which part he wants to play. Daddy even taught him how to use the mouse on the lap top, which is a hard task for some adults.

To think that at the age of 3 Austin has started to learn how to use the computer.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Savannah has been rocking on all fours for a while, maybe 2-3 weeks. A week ago she started to lunge forward. Yesterday she started to move both legs one at a time. She just doesn't seem comfortable moving the arms yet. I was just watching her and she looked like she was going to give it a try. So we shall see, but I think it's coming soon, real soon.

Watch now that I posted that she will stop all together.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just wanted to say a quick happy Saint Patrick's day to everyone! Hope you all enjoyed. The kids had a blast today playing outside and enjoying the great weather.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Owl update

I tried to comment on my post but it wouldn't show so I thought I would respond to Tom this way.

The wall between the garage and laundry room has a gap that is filled with insulation. That probably should be replaced because there is some missing. The night before we forgot to close the garage door and shut it in the morning when we realized it. So we think it got trapped inside the garage and started to stir when it got dark out and found a spot to get through the insulation.

Once we knew it wasn't a bat Rob came out from under the covers. He then went into the garage and opened the front door from the outside so the Owl could fly out that way. He was perched on our coat rack right by the door so we couldn't open it from the inside.

Mr. Jump

So our grow a frog is alive and thriving well. Not that I helped matters any.

The directions said when the arms are fully out to stop feeding him, he will get his nutrients from his tail. I didn't know that his legs came first. So it was a little bit after his legs were fully out that I realized he now had "arms" (higher than his legs) growing. I felt pretty bad that I had not let Austin feed him. They make are really big deal about not over feeding him in the book.

We started to feed him right away. At first one arm was stuck to his body. When we called the help line they said change his water more frequently and keep feeding him and he will be alright. Now we have a recovered healthy soon to be frog.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

funny stories

I have 2 funny stories that happened yesterday.

The first one: I have been taking the kids out to the hot tub lately (temp is turned down for them). When it is time to get out, Austin gets himself out and I bring Savannah in and lay her on foam mats that we have in the living room and go back out to clean up and put the lid back on. The kids get in without anything on because its cold when you get out with wet cloths on. When I was done yesterday I thought it would be ok to go to the bathroom and then put a diaper on Savannah but that was not the case. When I came back in the room she had pooped but that wasn't it...she was rolling in it!!! Thank goodness it was not anywhere near her face!! From now on I will put a diaper on her before I do anything else.

Number 2:

Last night I was going downstairs for bed Rob was already in bed so the lights were out. I wanted to put a load of wash in the drier, so I was walking into the laundry room reaching for the light and I got hit in the head by something flying. I screamed and hit the floor. My wonderful husband still in bed...wanted to know what was wrong. We thought it was a bat, but when we turned the light was a beautiful owl! Still not thrilled! We did get it out safely.

What a day

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mommy the best

Daddy and Austin playing guitar hero, Austin's song choice "Mommy's the best". We all know Daddy is not happy about that!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

News boy cap

So this morning I was so excited to try the new hat, and not didn't fit, it didn't even fit Savannah. So I took it apart and was going to follow the exact measurements and add elastic at the back. That was not needed, the hat fits just right. Almost to tight.
After all this I went to the cdc growth charts and found that his measurements (20.5 in) are in the 95th percentile. So he really does have a big head.

We had really nice pictures with a back drop and all, but my camera lost them, so we have these to show instead.

I had to share because I never realized how big his head really is!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shark mop

It works!!

For my birthday Kathy got me a Shark mop (which I asked for).

My kitchen floors are tile with white grout, the white grout gets really dirty. I use to use a swifter mop which didn't get in between the tiles. I tried to do the kitchen on my hands and knees at least once a month, but that takes 2 hours. So I wanted the shark with the dust attachment to get between the tiles. I have been using it once a week, today when I used it I notice that something spilled and went into the grout so I focused on that spot and with a little bit of elbow grease it came off, no hands and knees. I also noticed that the grout over all still looks pretty good from the last time I did it on my hands and knees which was over a month ago.

I am so happy!! Thank you


Austin has always been pretty good with his manners from the time we taught him to sign them. However lately not so much. Sometimes it is kinda funny with the way he handles it. I think...he got this from Aunt Mel.?

Mostly if he burps we say "what do you say"? Austin "I don't have my manners, I lost them" and most of the time it is "I don't have my manners, I gave them to ......" (who ever we saw last). For the most part when it is please and thank you he always says it. I try not to laugh when he makes these comments because I do want him to use his manners, but it is funny. This week it all about Valerie, because we saw her last week. So tonight we have to call Valerie and ask her to give Austin his manners back.