Monday, March 29, 2010


Now that Savannah has started to really show off her personality it's hard not to compare Austin and Savannah. It was pretty hard and still is to Compare Valerie to Austin because of the big age difference and well different daddy's.

I have always known that Austin pretty much has my personality but it really show's now that Savannah is around and well let’s face it, she has Robs.

For the most part Rob is easy going (unless it comes to winning a game). We all know he is very friendly and can talk to anyone.

I don't remember too much about my younger years, maybe I blocked it out. But I always remember that my granddad nick named be grumpy and when my Aunt Marie first starting see my Uncle Michael everyone told her not to try and warm up to me because I was grumpy and wasn't very friendly. (She was the one person I did become friendly with I guess.). As an adult it is pretty hard for me to warm up to people still. I don't think I am mean...maybe guarded? Once I get to know you I think I am friendly.

Well back to the reason for this post. I have noticed that Savannah is a generally happy baby, smiles, will go to anyone and the big thing I have notice when she wakes up she is really happy (daddy).

When it comes to Austin he takes awhile to warm up to people, he is pretty nasty when he first wakes up (mommy), and when he gets mad he gets mad at everyone.

I think Valerie is a pretty good mix of Troy and Me. She is laid back like Troy, has my attitude, Troy’s built and looks like me.

So…Savannah not only looks like Rob but I think has his personality and Austin has looks like me and has my personality.Let’s face it the kids all give my nasty looks when they are mad.

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