Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To Aunt Mel

Aunt Mel sent us this shirt in the mail. We all know that daddy and Austin are HUGE Charger fans. When we opened it up Austin said...awe it's Steelers. So I thought we would make it wearable. I only did this because it came from a second had shop (at least I am 99% sure). And the best part... Austin did the painting and is now happily wearing it at the moment.

the right side
left side before

the new left side

The new front and now the hat reads Steelers stink


Melanie said...

hahaha that's too funny! i can totally hear him sayin "awww it's steelers". very creative! nice job!

Maureen said...

WHAT?? Lilly is going to have to have a talking with him!!!