Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can you make me

Yesterday I took the kids to the salvation army in search of some good finds. At the register there was a glass case with a antique toy tractor inside. Austin was asking questions about it but never asked me to buy it for him. When we were all in the car driving home, Austin asked if I could make him a toy tractor? Of all the things he could have asked me to make...I tried to explain mommy could only make things out of fabric, that maybe I could find a pattern for a tractor softie. He was ok with this. It seems he has high expectations for mommy. We stopped at Michale's and I scored, In the $1.00 bin I found a wood tractor that you paint and put together. Even better he can help!

So instead of making him a tractor softie he got this...
Made out of a mens sweater found at Salvation Army for $3.00

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Melanie said...

omg amy, you've outdone yourself...again!! i love it! he looks sooo handsome <3