Friday, March 12, 2010

Owl update

I tried to comment on my post but it wouldn't show so I thought I would respond to Tom this way.

The wall between the garage and laundry room has a gap that is filled with insulation. That probably should be replaced because there is some missing. The night before we forgot to close the garage door and shut it in the morning when we realized it. So we think it got trapped inside the garage and started to stir when it got dark out and found a spot to get through the insulation.

Once we knew it wasn't a bat Rob came out from under the covers. He then went into the garage and opened the front door from the outside so the Owl could fly out that way. He was perched on our coat rack right by the door so we couldn't open it from the inside.

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Desiree said...

hey, I haven't been on here in so long as I forgot my info but found my paper with it on it. How do you invite ppl to join? I am trying to school myself on blogspot again as its been so long.