Saturday, September 25, 2010

We spoke to Valerie today and she requested some more pictures. So these are the other photos we took today.

We had to go by the house and fix a piece of the door jam. It had some wood rot and since the house is a foreclosure anything found in the inspection was our responsibility. Which I think only came to a total of $15.00. We have been really lucky...the company painted the entire house, laid new carpet through out the entire house (except areas with tile), and then today while we were there a guy came to fix the air conditioner. We found out during inspection something was wrong with the upstairs air conditioner and we had it all planned out to get it fix (we had a quote and all). But they are fixing it for us!!

back view
Rob's first project on the new house

Valerie's room

Austin's room

master bath

play room

Dinning room

family room

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Home

So we have a new home!!! We heard back today around 4pm the bank accepted our offer. We are so excited. We are most excited about the time frame. We are scheduled to close by October 29th...although we are hoping for sooner.
It is in a neighborhood, so the kids should have plenty of little play mates. The middle school (which Valerie will be attending) is right behind the development and the elementary school is right next to that. It has a community pool, and bike path's all around. I do believe we are set for a great new adventure.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Parenting advice needed

So Valerie has asked me to have an e-mail and a facebook!!

My first response was yes to an e-mail, no to facebook. I have been stalling on the e-mail I can't say their is any real reason, maybe I don't want my baby to be all grown up. I know it is only an e-mail, but it seems so grown up to me.

Anyway, I am asking for advice for the facebook thing. I have been flopping back and forth on this one now. Since we are moving away I kinda think it would be nice for her to have contact with her friends (since she is a busy traveler, she seems to have friends all over the place), and her family. I know I could make it private, but when I am not looking who knows what she would be able to do. She probably already knows how to do more than me. I also find that sometimes adults post things on facebook that might not be appropriate for her to hear/read or be around. I know I can't shield her, and times are changing but I just am torn. I have to say the only reason I am even considering it is because we are moving. I have considered letting her start her own blog, but that just lets people see what she is doing not really for her to stay connected and talk to other people.

So any advice would be greatly appreciated even if you don't normally comment I am looking for guidance either from those who have gone through it, going through it or will be going through it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

vacation photo's

So even though I didn't get that many pictures I thought I would share what I did get. All in all the kids had a blast. We were at the beach everyday for the first week and enjoyed staying in the cabin the next week. Austin just loved being able to cross the little road and visit Benjamin and Maddie when ever he wanted.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Where has the time gone. It sure has been a while since I have posted...sorry. I guess life just got in the way :)

I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the upcoming move to Jacksonville, Fl. Although this has been most of the reason for not posting vacation is also to blame.

Rob left for Fl yesterday and so it is just the kids and I. This will be an interesting time, but I hope to make it fun and just enjoy it.

Valerie and Austin started school. We ended up sending Valerie back to Logan since we know we will be switching schools again. Austin is now going 5 days a week and loves it.

Austin got to take in snack for his birthday (the day before school started). So he helped me make Dora cupcakes that he has been dieing for. I made him a shirt and crown.

That's it for now...I will post pictures from vacation...I didn't take many but I do have some to share.