Saturday, September 25, 2010

We spoke to Valerie today and she requested some more pictures. So these are the other photos we took today.

We had to go by the house and fix a piece of the door jam. It had some wood rot and since the house is a foreclosure anything found in the inspection was our responsibility. Which I think only came to a total of $15.00. We have been really lucky...the company painted the entire house, laid new carpet through out the entire house (except areas with tile), and then today while we were there a guy came to fix the air conditioner. We found out during inspection something was wrong with the upstairs air conditioner and we had it all planned out to get it fix (we had a quote and all). But they are fixing it for us!!

back view
Rob's first project on the new house

Valerie's room

Austin's room

master bath

play room

Dinning room

family room


danielle said...

I love your master bath. I'm jealous.

Melanie said...

Congrats! It looks awesome!!...even with no pool :( Cant wait to come stay!