Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend fun

This was a busy weekend...the kids had off of school Friday, so we went to Danielle's near Pittsburgh. I really wanted pictures of Savannah with the letters of her name like Austin and Valerie. Savannah had other plans. I would not have really cared except we took such a long drive and add in the fact that I am not sure when we would get the chance again since we are moving.

Then Saturday we had a porch sale at Weazy's long day but fun. We did ok even though we didn't put it in the paper, so we thought we would try again today. However we didn't even have 1 customer today.

When we got home Saturday the kids and I picked apples off of a tree in our back yard. I do think we are going to miss all the trees (we will have to plant some). So today we made apple pie it was delicious. The kids did pretty much everything with me supervising (I did the cutting). It was fun.

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