Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year was a little more organized than last year, since we have been here a year now! I can't believe we have lived in Florida of a year. I am lovin the life, and I think everyone else is as well. Not too many complaints.

Our "Angel" and Mario

a little blurry, boy is it continually getting hard to get pictures of her. I wasn't even out the door and she was gone. A month before she didn't want to go trick or treating, than a week before she wanted this elaborate costume that I just could not muster up before Halloween. So she went with the Dark Angel. The shoes (mine) lasted about 15 minutes.

His school parade. The kids were only allowed to dress as story book characters, so I frantically stitched this supper man outfit, which he now wears as pajamas. Turns out he could have worn his supper mario outfit

Austin and his best bud Josh the robot

The 2 neighbor girls that val went with. There was a boy in the mix, however he didn't want to get in the photo.
I caught this one photo as they were passing. Sara (prisoner) and Amanda (witch), came home way before Valerie and Jarrad Sara's brother. Jarrad's mom had to go searching for them because trick or treat was over and they still were not home.
Around here there is a dentist office that buys candy back for $1/1lb. they send the candy to the troops and less in our house. I am not sure but I think i missed it, if not I will be heading over on Monday with lots of candy:)


Well t-ball is almost over and I am finally getting some pictures up. He is having a good time, but doing t-ball 2 times a week and biking 2 times a week is enough to send me over the edge. Daddy is enjoying the assistant coach part and next year he wants to actually be head coach.

It's been a while

Finding the time to blog is rough...we'll figure it out. In the mean time here are some photos of the kids the last few months. They are growing so fast!

Valerie helping me make sure my fixed lens works

Austin started t-ball, it's a little different down here, it's almost like they are grooming them to be all star players

Savannah enjoying watching Austin bike. Valerie has been out of commission with her wrist