Sunday, May 31, 2009

Solar panel

Last Sunday we opened the pool, although it still has a tint of green and is still very cloudy we let the kids get in today, the chlorine was up so high we thought it was ok. The temp was only 64 degrees.
The good news Pap and daddy worked on the solar panels today, they worked on it all day but it is done. We can't wait to see how warm it makes the water.

Thank you daddy (Rob) and Pap!!


Valerie's knee
Austin's arm you cant really see it is scraped and black and blue
The worst part of Austin, from the middle of his forehead down to the big brush burn on his cheek is his worst. Pretty much the entire left side of his face is black and blue.

Valerie always takes Austin for a ride on her little motor bike but yesterday they took a spill. It was pretty nasty, Austin got the brunt of it though. Valerie walked away with 2 banged up knees. Austin however ended up with a banged up face, left arm, both knees, and both feet. When the bike landed both Valerie and the bike were on top of Austin. He cried for a while and then just laid on me for about a half hour before he would even talk. Valerie cried for about a half hour and is still limping around.

camera is back

The camera is back and they covered it all under warranty. Thank you Pap for letting us borrow your camera.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

scrap book

The finished project

In the middle

Just getting started
Valerie has been showing some interest in scrap booking so tonight she started her first one. She did really good. Here are a few pictures of her putting together her first page.

Valerie's hair

So all winter Valerie has been begging me not to cut her hair, or even have it cut. Then the other night while I was cutting Rob's hair she asked me to cut her bangs. This would all be fine, however every morning before school we have had arguments about keeping her hair out of her face, and then again at night when we were doing homework to keep it out of her face. It's funny that she went through all that and and then just cut it off. It does look much nicer. Just her bangs are cut the length is still growing.

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's here

Austin was so excited today because his doggy came today. He has not put it down. It's funny he knows it is a new one but he doesn't care. We also went ahead and ordered one for Savannah we ordered her a duck and we were worried he would want that one too, but he put it in her crib and didn't say another word.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Austin sleeps with a dog blanket he does have another one that looks like a lamb however his favorite one is the dog. We somehow lost it about 1 week ago and although it has not been awful it has upset him a bit. So I told him we will get another one. We had to get it on line and have it shipped, so I showed it to Austin and said we will get it in the mail in a few days. He is now walking around saying "I'm getting a new doggy in the mail". It's kinda funny if you don't know it is his blanket.


On mothers day, I was taking pictures with my new camera (got it at the end of March) and it broke. It was around my neck, took one picture went to take another and the lens went black. I called Nikkon and I have to send it (lens) away to have them look at it to determine if I dropped it (which I didn't). So now I will be out a camera for up 3-4wks. I don't know what I will do without one. I can't take pictures of the kids and it has bothered me a lot the past couple of days.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

hot tub

Valerie trying to help Austin swim
We are teaching Austin to blow bubbles to help him with swimming
just after they got in
The kids love the water as much as I do so we sometimes turn the temperature down on the hot tub and let them get in and play. They are both getting excited for the pool so tonight they got in the hot tub and had a little fun. Valerie is excited because we are doing solar panels this year, last year it was to cold for her (it was pretty cold), Austin just dosn't care as long as he is in the water.

Austins words for potty

So now that we are having great success with Austin and the potty and he is telling us that he has to go, we need to teach him what to say. When he has to pee he yells out my peeper and for a BM he says my bumbum. Which is all ok, except we were at the grocery store yesterday and all the sudden he yells out (screams) my peeper! The people that were around just stopped and looked. I am not sure why he refers to potty this way, we always ask him if he has to go potty. His other fetish is he needs to take his pants down were ever he has to go potty and then walk to the potty, which is pretty funny watching him walk from the livingroom to the bathroom with his pants around his ankles.

Monday, May 4, 2009

pictue wall

Ok, so I know this is not an update about the kids but I am pretty excited. I have been wanting a picture wall ever since Marge showed me. Rob said ok, now 2 years after moving in it is finally up. We bought the frames at 1/2 off at Micheals and did our own template it made it much mor affordable. I didn't realize it would be so close to the floor (our ceilings are pretty low). The wall is a shrine to both our kids and Danielle since she is the one who took all the photo's except one. There are two photos of the kids that are the same becasue it is ready for Savannah but we didn't want to leave it blank. I think it turned out great, Rob did a good job.

helping daddy

Here is a picture of Austin helping
This past winter our neighbor lost control of his car (got out of his car while it was in gear) and took down our mailbox, white fence and the fence in between our yard. We couldn't put a new mailbox up because the ground was frozen so we had a really bad fix. This weekend Daddy and Austin finally put up the new mailbox up.

Friday, May 1, 2009

house arrest

We had a little set back with Austin and the potty so last week and this week he was pretty much placed on house arrest, we only left the house to take Valerie to and from school, we took Weazy to the store and I let him go to library time. I think it has payed off. Before he was doing very good, however he wouldn't tell us when he had to go, we made him sit on the toilet every 2hrs. At the end of week 2 he tells us he has to go and sometimes goes without telling us. The past 2 nights he has gotten up in the middle of the night to go potty as well. He is sick right now, so we are not sure if he is waking up because he is sick, or he really has to go potty. We will see if we have another set back, last time I posted that he was doing really well he fell of the wagon.

Valerie school presentation

Today Valerie had a presentation at school, her class researched Pennsylvania and each student had to look up a town that started with each letter of the alphabet. Example Valerie had Y=York, Pa. It is just funny to watch how much she has grown. I remember in kindergarten at the end of the year she had to present the letter A letter light I made her a costume and all, she got up and froze ran off stage and started to cry. Today not only did she present Y but she also chose to present another letter Q=Quakertown, not enough students for each letter. She researched her letters put a little presentation together when she read her paper she smiled and looked up at everyone, how much she is not like her mother in that aspect.