Friday, May 1, 2009

house arrest

We had a little set back with Austin and the potty so last week and this week he was pretty much placed on house arrest, we only left the house to take Valerie to and from school, we took Weazy to the store and I let him go to library time. I think it has payed off. Before he was doing very good, however he wouldn't tell us when he had to go, we made him sit on the toilet every 2hrs. At the end of week 2 he tells us he has to go and sometimes goes without telling us. The past 2 nights he has gotten up in the middle of the night to go potty as well. He is sick right now, so we are not sure if he is waking up because he is sick, or he really has to go potty. We will see if we have another set back, last time I posted that he was doing really well he fell of the wagon.

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