Sunday, May 31, 2009


Valerie's knee
Austin's arm you cant really see it is scraped and black and blue
The worst part of Austin, from the middle of his forehead down to the big brush burn on his cheek is his worst. Pretty much the entire left side of his face is black and blue.

Valerie always takes Austin for a ride on her little motor bike but yesterday they took a spill. It was pretty nasty, Austin got the brunt of it though. Valerie walked away with 2 banged up knees. Austin however ended up with a banged up face, left arm, both knees, and both feet. When the bike landed both Valerie and the bike were on top of Austin. He cried for a while and then just laid on me for about a half hour before he would even talk. Valerie cried for about a half hour and is still limping around.

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