Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Florida here we come

We will be spending the holiday in Florida this year with Rob's mom and step dad. We all know how Savannah is a "porker". Not only has she outgrown her 3-6 month clothes but she doesn't have any clothes to wear in Florida. At first I was ok with her just wearing onsies but I like her to look cute, so last night I started making her some. I found a few patterns for free on line 2 came out ok and 1 just was a no go. It said for 6-9 months but it wouldn't even fit over her shoulders. So if anyone knows of a baby girl do during summer months I have a really cute shirt, bloomers set. So today I went and bought a pattern and decided I should do 6-9 months and now these ones look hug but she can still wear them.


On Sunday Weazy came over for dinner and to play with the kids. Unfortunately Austin was in no mood. But what was nice for a change Savannah let Weazy hold her without crying. I think she really enjoyed it. If Savannah gets any bigger I am not sure Weazy will be able to hold her!!

I love you

So lately Austin has been walking around and busting out with "I love you". He will be playing and doing his own thing and then out of the blue he says "Hey mom, I love you" But he doesn't stop there he goes on to say..."and daddy and Savannah and my big sissy too." I think it is so cute! I just love it when he says it for no reason.


This is what I started with, he is helping with his own present and doesn't even know it.

Almost done... I need to put the faucet on, the dishwasher door, and Daddy is going to make the counter in the middle a little smaller.Align Center
The work in progress
It's a good thing Austin doesn't understand completely about Christmas otherwise I would not be able to post these projects like I do. I just get so excited about them I feel the need to share. I had posted that 2 projects were taking over me. Well the one is done...the table playhouse and the other one is under way and almost done. I am doing most of the work myself, Rob cut the hole for the sink and will be cutting down the middle a little I didn't realize it was so long. I have added a place for him to write his menu, a towel bar on the other side of the sink, there is a stove with nobs and a dishwasher and I am putting storage in the middle once it is cut down. I hope he likes it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This was a mens shirt made to fit Austin, then added the tie
(he say's he doesn't like it)
I have always loved crafting, I usually go in spurts though. I have officially become addicted searching on the internet everyday for new things to make. I have so much I want to make my head is spinning and I don't know what to do first. Most of everything is for the kids. I am not so sure that the kids will love what I make or be happy that I must try to make everything before I buy it. Today I even had my first trip to second hand shops, not that I am against them or anything. I just like knowing I can get what I came in for without having to go to many different shops. I ended up getting some Christmas gifts for Austin that were on his list.

Austin's 1st craft

Savannah's Christmas present from Austin

paint with a sponge went much better and he had more fun with it

The finished product if you look hard you can see the tie design. We have plans for this shirt though...keep watching

Austin hard at work
Today was Austin's first time doing crafts with mommy. We tried 2 shirts one for Austin and one for Savannah. The first shirt he got a little spray happy and it didn't come out. The next shirt we just used regular paint and it worked great. He made his first Christmas present. It was fun for me to do crafts with him. Thanks Grampy for the shirt!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Christmas is comming

grill for cooking
carrots he can pick and replant

apples for picking

flowers for picking, he can even put mail through the mail box

Christmas is on my mind. For those of you that really know me know I am done by Thanksgiving. Which will not happen this year. We are not going to even know what Valerie wants until Thanksgiving. But I hope to have Austin and Savannah done by next week. I have decided to do a lot of homemade gifts this year and 2 projects have over taken me. Both because I am excited about them and nervous I can't complete them. However I am happy to say that I pretty much got one done last night. Table club house. I hope Austin likes it. It is the biggest task I have taken on for sewing. I just need to make the corn for the husk and hamburger and hot dogs for the grill. It is not perfect but its ok for Austin.

apple sauce

Yesterday when I was cleaning up the kitchen I noticed we had way to many apples. I had bought some and then Weazy had given us some as well. So I thought Austin and I would make apple sauce he was more into than I thought he would be. It tasted pretty good but Austin still didn't want to eat it. We have video of him but I couldn't get it to upload. Kinda bumbed it was cute.

happy birthday daddy

Saturday was Robs birthday. He didn't get to do much celebrating because I worked and he was on kid duty. Austin couldn't wait to tell him what his surprise was and after Austin told him his present he had to hide it and make Rob find it, he even told him what the card said before he opened it. Rob was pretty excited with the gift cards and money he got as gifts he was able to get a camcorder.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today Austin came up to me and asked me to make him a cap!! I was pretty proud and excited to make something for him that he wanted, and excited that he knew he could ask me to make him something.

The black hat in the picture I made him as well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

If you click you will see a big smile on her face

Austin has what he calls his shows. At night when it is time to calm down he watch some Nick Jr previously nogin. One of his favorite shows is Ni Hao, Kai-Lan a chinese cartoon. We don't mind him watching this channel because it is all educational. We shall see if he starts picking up the language. Last night while I was making dinner we put Savannah in her jumper and she was attached to the show. They were zoned out and quite.


Aunt Mel and Austin getting ready to go through the candy...I think Aunt Mel was more excited than Austin

Savannah still sleeping

sleeping on her 1st trick or treat

On his way to his 1st house...he left the mask on all night

Trick or treat is always the Thursday before Halloween in Altoona. However both kids were pretty sick so they were unable to go. Luckily at Aunt Mel and Uncle Bubba's house trick or treat was on the real Halloween so we took the kids there this past Saturday. Austin, Daddy and Pap went out with out Savannah and I because she didn't take to her costume to kindly. Finally as Austin was on the home stretch we were able to join them. And everyone assumed he was a doctor not a nurse. Back at the house he helped Aunt Mel hand out Candy. Thank you Aunt Mel and Uncle Bubba!!


just letting everyone know that Savannah is doing great. She finished her medication this morning. Austin is finally recovering as well. It seems as though the house is getting back to order. I think it is amazing that I am the only one in the house that did not get sick. I wonder if it is all the vitamins I have been taking??