Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Florida here we come

We will be spending the holiday in Florida this year with Rob's mom and step dad. We all know how Savannah is a "porker". Not only has she outgrown her 3-6 month clothes but she doesn't have any clothes to wear in Florida. At first I was ok with her just wearing onsies but I like her to look cute, so last night I started making her some. I found a few patterns for free on line 2 came out ok and 1 just was a no go. It said for 6-9 months but it wouldn't even fit over her shoulders. So if anyone knows of a baby girl do during summer months I have a really cute shirt, bloomers set. So today I went and bought a pattern and decided I should do 6-9 months and now these ones look hug but she can still wear them.


Melanie said...

i love the brown dress and the blue one with flowers...soo cute! well done!

Maureen said...

Have fun in FL! Can't wait to see pictures!