Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh, Savannah

Well, I thought it was do time that Savannah got a little time on the blog. It seems so long since I have updated about just her.

In just 1 short week she will be 2! My baby is no longer a baby. I am really trying to soak her all in. Enjoy everything I can with her. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed Austin and Valerie, but I am older and different and not so uptight. Can you imagine!

She is the most opinionated, dare devil, and sweet, little girl you could meet! She has no problems telling you what she wants or doesn't want. If she is ready for nap or bed, she will ask for baby, quack quack and her blanket. She just rolls over and goes to sleep. I usually sing and read her a book at bedtime (I have been doing this since she was about 5 months old), but there are times she is so tired she say says "no book, no sing, night night." Savannah wants to try everything the older ones are doing and usually comes out smiling. She is in a big watch me phase. Her most resent love is drawling. She will sit at her table for 30-40 minutes at a time and has learned to drawl a circle, I'm no big deal, but cool to mommy non the less.

About a month ago she was bringing me diapers and wipes telling me when she needed to be changed or just wanted to be changed. I thought I would take the opportunity to try and potty train her. I tried it for 2 days and decided it just wasn't time. We had several successful attempts, but we both were not ready. Savannah is great in the car now, thank goodness! Her favorite food is yogarts, that we put in the freezer. She hates water to drink, if she thinks I have given her water she throws a hug fit. Loves water to swim though, just loves it. I guess that is no big surprise. She has just hit a faze where babies involve her every activity.

In the morning she sits in her crib and yells "I want to get up". She still is not the best napper, however when she goes to bed around 8 she will usually sleep until 730-8, so I can't complain. Right now, if she does something wrong, she is quick to tell you "I sorry", then you can't even stay upset with her. She just melts my heart!

I have plenty more to share about my little Savannah, but Austin and her just got up and want some breakfast so until next time.

Eating it use to be her favorite pass time

playing with color bubbles from Granny

Savannah loves to hold Austin's had going to the pool

Her bff, Austin's friend's little brother

sitting in Austin's carseat at the track