Friday, July 31, 2009

Bee sting

Yesterday Austin was playing and came upon a bee's nest in the ground, he made the bee's mad I guess, because they all came out. Austin got stung in the head as I was making my way to him, I was sending Valerie in to get him ice and washcloth to wash it, she got stung, then one must have found it's way inside my pants and when we made our way to the back door (The bees were hanging around the front door) and came in side I got stung 4 times in my stomach. I felt so bad for everyone. Of course Valerie got so swollen from just one bee her knee looked like a soft ball, Austin just had a mark, and I was swollen, but only cause it was 4 times. Austin is snow scared of bee's.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Valerie's back

So today I picked up Valerie after we ate lunch with the Huch's we went to granny's house which is where Austin is for the week. When we got there Austin and granny were coming down the stairs, I walked in first and behind me came Valerie. When Austin saw her he got this big smile on his face and he couldn't make it down the stairs fast enough saying that's my sissy. He gave her a big hug and they played.
It is nice to see that they are close, and they did miss each other.

Friday, July 17, 2009

wing off

In Altoona they have 2 smaller amusement parks they hold different events at these parks. Last night was called wing off. They have several different restaurants come and make wings. They were lots of people there it ends up looking like a outside bar by the end. We were getting ready to leave last night and Austin wanted to play a game before we left so we were all walking to the game stand and Austin was a little behind us and I kept turning (pretty much walking backwards) to keep an eye on him, then he stops dead in his tracts and starts to pull down his pants. I was trying to get to him as quick as I could and he was yelling gotta pee gotta pee in the middle of all the people while trying to pull down his pants. It was very funny. Austin has pretty much been potty trained for several months now, but when we are home I just let him go where ever he wants when we are outside. Daddy has desided Austin needs to now be tought potty edicate.

Friday, July 10, 2009

dutch wonderland

Dancing with Duke the dragon

Enjoying the water park

Train that Aunt Danielle had to help him with

Both kids wanted to go down the slide but not by themselves so Aunt Danielle went with them

This week Austin and I took a trip to Downingtown and while we were there Aunt Danielle, Olivia, Austin and I went to Dutch Wonderland. The kids had a really good time, it was nice that they each had someone around their age to ride with, they were both very tired when we came home. Austin woke up the next day asking to go to Dutch Wonderland again and each day since.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday camp

Daddy and Austin floating down river (if you click on the pic. you can really see them)

Daddy, Austin and Pap
Getting ready to float

Joe pa and Max

Aunt Mel and Pap
Saturday was our last day. Austin Daddy and Pap went floating down the river, Austin was not quite sure if he liked it or not. By Saturday Both Joe Pa and Max were really tired.

Friday night fire works

Helping daddy with the fireworks

Austin picking which one he wanted next

1st fire work of the night

Aunt Mel and Austin
Austin really likes fireworks, I think we did some every night this past week. His favorite were sparklers, bang snaps, and snakes. He hands daddy the firework of his choice then runs and says I stand back.

Camp Friday

Austin's 1st fish

The men in the river

they caught 3 crabs
On Friday Austin was so excited to start fishing he woke up at 830 (which wasn't bad) ate some donuts and was dressed and ready with his wife beater on (we fit right in). He tried to fish but it only lasted a few min., then they caught crabs. Pap caught a fish and Austin got to throw it back in which he loved to do. Friday was also our Fire work day since we were coming back home on Sat afternoon. Thanks to Uncle Bubba we truly had the #1 firework in PA it made me pick up Austin and run. Max went crazy and got singed eye lashes and eye brows.


Daddy making mountain pizza mountain pies

Austin catching a lighting bug. (if you click on the picture, you can see it right above his had)

practicing with his fishing rod
For the 4th we took Austin to the camp at Mount Union. Aunt Mel and Uncle Bubba joined us on Friday night. I will break up the blog so I can post pictures of everyone. On Thursday when we arrived we made mountain pies, caught lighting bugs for the first time, and had Marshmallows.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Austin misses sissy

So Valerie has been gone for a little over a week and Austin is asking everyday where is sissy?? Today he said with a little sad voice "sissy want to play?" Looking at me and just wanting to see sissy. He really does love her and enjoys having her around.