Friday, July 31, 2009

Bee sting

Yesterday Austin was playing and came upon a bee's nest in the ground, he made the bee's mad I guess, because they all came out. Austin got stung in the head as I was making my way to him, I was sending Valerie in to get him ice and washcloth to wash it, she got stung, then one must have found it's way inside my pants and when we made our way to the back door (The bees were hanging around the front door) and came in side I got stung 4 times in my stomach. I felt so bad for everyone. Of course Valerie got so swollen from just one bee her knee looked like a soft ball, Austin just had a mark, and I was swollen, but only cause it was 4 times. Austin is snow scared of bee's.

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Melanie said...

wow...what a site that must've been!