Thursday, January 28, 2010

Savannah sick again

Yesterday morning Savannah started to have projectile vomiting. I didn't start to worry until it was after every time I fed her and then at lunch it was really bad. She was sitting (in the laying position) in her stroller and it actually came out on the floor and on me, I picked her up and it continued. We had to have someone come and clean the floor. (I had taken Austin to play with friends, not knowing she was really sick). So no biggy right?? I thought I should call the doctor because of it was projectile, so I am talking to the nurse and she says it ok as long as she isn't dehydrated give her a bland diet. I said what do you consider a bland diet for a 5.5 month old, reply give her toast. Are you serious!! Maybe I am to paranoid but I said she just got her first teeth, she is on pureed food and give her toast. Then the conversation turns to how I should feed my baby and if this was my first baby. I am annoyed, my reply was they don't even recommend you start feeding solids to babies until they are 6 months old. This sealed the deal called a new doctors office in a different town and even though I will have to drive a little to take them to the doctors it is worth it to me. At her next doctors apt we will be seeing a new doctor.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grow a frog

you can see it if you look hard in the back left corner

The frog that Beam and Poppy got Austin for Christmas came today!! He is so excited, he just doesn't understand "grow". We gave the tadepole food and Austin got up set because he didn't grow in front of his eyes. This will be interesting. He is afraid to walk away from it, at quiet time he told me I had to watch it and make sure he didn't get away. He has also named it "jump", because frogs jump he says. I tried to take pictures of it which was pretty hard because it is see through.

Savannah's new bumpers

playing in her room as I install the rail bumpers
Not as versatile as the ones on line but still cute

Savannah's sleeping has gotten much better. She goes down between 7-730 and stays down until 430-5 then I feed her, back to bed until between 730-8. This all goes well as long as she doesn't get a limb stuck between the rails. If she gets stuck between the rails then she starts screaming and banging her head against the rails. Then it is not so easy to get her back to sleep.
Because of the recommendation of "no bumpers in the crib" we were not so sure of what to do. I found these individual bumper rails on line but talk about expensive!! for a pack of 24 it was $100 and I have 36 rails. Now don't get me wrong I think they are worth the money especially after I started to make my own. The ones on line have zippers and are reversible and it does take a lot of fabric. But I still didn't want to spend all of that money, So I came up with my own. I have about 3 rails left in the back but for the most part they are done and she has not gotten any limbs stuck yet which is preventing her from waking up banging her head trying to get loose.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Savannah the monster

Savannah Has really started talking in the last week but she usually does this deep voice that I call her "monster voice". Its really kinda funny when she starts and keeps going.

She also has another tooth right next to the first one that came in last weekend. You can see the white but it hasn't popped through yet.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

1st tooth

This morning Savannah was pretty fussy (morning is usually her best time). I have been putting my fingers in her mouth to check for teeth all this week because she has really been chewing on her hands lately instead of sucking. Sure enough there was a tooth in there this morning! She is getting so BIG!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Slinky action zone

Austin getting ready for a kiss!!
Yesterday I took Austin to Slinky Action Zone with a friend of mine that has moved to the area from Downingtown (I am so excited). We were there for over 3hrs and the kids played the entire time, not even sitting down for a drink or bite to eat. They were all so tired. Austin asked to go home and have quiet time. And then when it was time for bed, he went right into the bathroom and was waiting for me on his stool to brush his teeth. I think we will have to go back again. Not to mention that he didn't get up until 9am today.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Austin and his dog blanket

asking if he could take it out yet, why is it wet?
after I told him it had to stay in until it beeped
Austin has gotten really attached to his dogie blanket lately so much so that he wants to take it every place we go. He use to want it only when he went to bed. But now that he is trying to take everywhere it is getting pretty dirty quick. Last night I made the decision it was going to get washed today. We use to be able to take it for the wash and he wouldn't even know or care that it might not be don right away. But as you can see buy the pictures that is not the case anymore.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Savannah rolled over

When I went into Savannah's room Friday for one of her many wake up's she was on her belly (we have been putting her on her back at night for some time now). Then during the dayI placed her on her back to play, I left the room and when I came back and she was on her belly again. Then when I got up Saturday Rob told me she rolled over for him. Each time I go into her room in the middle of the night she is on her belly. I have been trying to get her on video or just trying to see her roll over for myself for the last couple of days and finally got her on video tonight.

Sorry the video is long, I was afraid if I hit stop I would miss it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Austin chillin

Playing pet pals

For Christmas Beam and Poppy got Austin a child recliner. At first he didn't use it to much, but lately he is using it more these are some pictures of what he likes to do the most in his chair. He is also wearing the pjs that Aunt Mel got him...they are pretty big but likes them because they have slippers as he calls them.

Savannah loves her cup

At Savannah's 4 month check up the doctor said offer her a cup of about 1 oz of juice. We don't do this every time she eats but at least once a day. She has grown to love her cup!! So much so that we can not bring it out until she has finished her vegetables or cereal because she just wants her cup. I am pretty impressed that she can for the most part anyway hold her own cup, we have to fix it at times but she does most of it on her own.

Austin helping daddy

Today Austin got to use is new wheel barrel that Aunt Mel got him for Christmas. He helped daddy bring more wood down from behind the shed. We are going through it like crazy!! We are having fires pretty much every day all day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Savannah has not got any better with sleep. We did the cry it out method when she turned 4 months and it worked in 3 days (for the most part). Then some where along the line about 2 weeks later she went back to her old ways. I thought we would wait until after the holidays to try and get her back into it. I went right into it starting Saturday night when we got back but it has seem to back fire on me. She goes to bed at 730 sleeps until 12 and from then on she is up every 2 hours like clock work. She is not eating when she gets up and if I just try to let her cry she could cry as long as 1 hr. Then I worry that maybe she has teeth coming in and she is in pain, she has congestion right now so maybe that is why...and list could go on and on.

I hope this sleep thing resolves soon!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Downingtown visit

So after I was done work on the Sunday after Christmas we headed down to Downingtown to spend time with Valerie and the rest of the family.
The first half was spent with Beam and Poppy. We all had a good time, but I think Austin had the best time. Benjamin and Maddie came over to play several times. When we were on our way down he kept saying "we will see if Benjamin is there, we will see". Beam and Poppy got Austin a "Grow a frog" The entire time Austin thought it was a game and everyday kept asking everyone to play grow a frog. We are sending away for the frog tomorrow, he should have fun with it.
Valerie got to open her gifts at Beam and Poppy's house I think she really liked all her gifts, she spent a lot of the time watching her Charmed box sets.
Beam watched the kids so Rob and I could go out to dinner and Savannah decided she wanted to stay up and have Beam walk with her instead of going to bed.
Next it was off to Nanny and Poppy's. Everyone had a good time here as well. Austin and Valerie played with Olivia. Olivia is starting to feel comfortable with Savannah and is even playing with her. The best part is Uncle Rob use to have her trained to say Uncle Rob is my favorite, but guess what?? When he asked her this time, I really think she wanted to say Aunt Amy is my favorite. While she never answered him she kept looking at me and smiling. I can at least hope.
Rob and I went out for New Years while the kids stayed with Nanny and Poppy. All of the kids even Savannah stayed up to see the ball drop. Which I guess never really happened. Austin seemed pretty upset about this. But who went to bed at 8:00?? I think we know without saying.
Valerie got an mp3 player from Nanny and Poppy and spent the rest of the time listening to music. She really is becoming a pre-teenager.

More Christmas

Ama, Pap, Savannah, Daddy, and Austin

Savannah and her 1 store bought toy (the rest were homemade)

The best big brother

The men sleeping

must be nice to be able to sleep anyplace at any time.

Christmas 2009

Can you see her? She is eating the paper

The boys putting up the car track (daddy & pap's favorite)

Finally the dragon castle

Christmas this year was a little different in our house because Valerie was not there. We did get to spend the week with her though, which turned out to be really nice. But for some reason we didn't take any pictures.
On Christmas eve daddy and Austin tracked Santa and the raindeer, when Austin was in bed he called daddy and and told us he saw Santa's lights. Austin woke up about 815 and was excited when he came into the living room. Santa put his dragon castle in the back of the pile and after each present Austin was pretty sad and said "he didn't bring me my dragon castle". When He had only 2 presents left, he finally found the dragon castle and was pretty excited. If he opened up clothes he would just put the box a side. While he was opening a packaged he would repeatedly say what is it what is it!

Savannah never opened her presents until after her 1st nap of the day. She liked the wraping paper more than the presents.

Granny, Granpy, Aunt Mel, Uncle Bubba, Weezy all came for dinner while Pap and Ama came a little later. It was a very nice day...Thank you everyone.