Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Can you see her? She is eating the paper

The boys putting up the car track (daddy & pap's favorite)

Finally the dragon castle

Christmas this year was a little different in our house because Valerie was not there. We did get to spend the week with her though, which turned out to be really nice. But for some reason we didn't take any pictures.
On Christmas eve daddy and Austin tracked Santa and the raindeer, when Austin was in bed he called daddy and and told us he saw Santa's lights. Austin woke up about 815 and was excited when he came into the living room. Santa put his dragon castle in the back of the pile and after each present Austin was pretty sad and said "he didn't bring me my dragon castle". When He had only 2 presents left, he finally found the dragon castle and was pretty excited. If he opened up clothes he would just put the box a side. While he was opening a packaged he would repeatedly say what is it what is it!

Savannah never opened her presents until after her 1st nap of the day. She liked the wraping paper more than the presents.

Granny, Granpy, Aunt Mel, Uncle Bubba, Weezy all came for dinner while Pap and Ama came a little later. It was a very nice day...Thank you everyone.

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