Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Savannah's new bumpers

playing in her room as I install the rail bumpers
Not as versatile as the ones on line but still cute

Savannah's sleeping has gotten much better. She goes down between 7-730 and stays down until 430-5 then I feed her, back to bed until between 730-8. This all goes well as long as she doesn't get a limb stuck between the rails. If she gets stuck between the rails then she starts screaming and banging her head against the rails. Then it is not so easy to get her back to sleep.
Because of the recommendation of "no bumpers in the crib" we were not so sure of what to do. I found these individual bumper rails on line but talk about expensive!! for a pack of 24 it was $100 and I have 36 rails. Now don't get me wrong I think they are worth the money especially after I started to make my own. The ones on line have zippers and are reversible and it does take a lot of fabric. But I still didn't want to spend all of that money, So I came up with my own. I have about 3 rails left in the back but for the most part they are done and she has not gotten any limbs stuck yet which is preventing her from waking up banging her head trying to get loose.

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