Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Austin and his dog blanket

asking if he could take it out yet, why is it wet?
after I told him it had to stay in until it beeped
Austin has gotten really attached to his dogie blanket lately so much so that he wants to take it every place we go. He use to want it only when he went to bed. But now that he is trying to take everywhere it is getting pretty dirty quick. Last night I made the decision it was going to get washed today. We use to be able to take it for the wash and he wouldn't even know or care that it might not be don right away. But as you can see buy the pictures that is not the case anymore.

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Jane said...

I can completely relate to your son! I had my favorite blanket as a kid. I think when I was ten it made the move from my bed to a drawer. But, I know I didn't toss it out until sometime after college. Now I am pretty attached to my "Woobie" -the comforter that I have had since college. Hang in there buddy! It will be dry soon!