Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Austin lost his first tooth

Some of you may have read this on Facebook. I have been trying to keep the kids off Facebook in hopes it would encourage me to blog more often. It really isn't that hard to do after all.
So Austin has had this loose tooth for about a month (that I knew of). One morning at breakfast he complained that he couldn't eat because his tooth would fall out. I was surprised when he showed me his tooth. Valerie lost her 1st tooth when she was 3 so I was not sure when it would happen with Austin.
Anyway, the night it came out he showed me a very lose tooth, I tired to convince him I should pull it out, he refused. Rob was concerned he would lose it in school the next day. That is exactly what Austin wanted. If you lose your tooth in school they give you a special treasure box to bring it home in.
How it 4am Rob heard crying from Austin's room, he asked me to go check on him ( thinking he had an accident). I found Austin sitting up in his bed crying uncontrollable and barely understandable. When I got him to calm down, he said after he went to bed his tooth fell out, he put it under his pillow. He had just woken up (4am) to go to the bathroom, when he checked to see if the tooth fairy had come...the was no money and no tooth! He thought he got robbed! He had thrown everything off his bed in a panic looking for it, so it could have been anywhere. It took all I had not to burst out laughing. We did a quick search and I convinced him it was to late for the tooth fairy, and she would come tomorrow. I promised him I would spend my day looking for it. So the next day I did exactly that. It took me several hours to find it. I was about to give up and go get one of Valerie's and tell him it was his. I was bummed because I keep them all and I wanted to have his first tooth! But I found it as I was climbing down the ladder. He refused to put it under the pillow this time. So we wrote a note and stuck the note on the window telling the tooth fairy to look for the tooth on the dresser. I'm in the process of making a pillow to hang from the bed for the next tooth.
So that night I thought I was prepared for the tooth fairy. As I was putting him to bed, I asked what the going rate was for a tooth...$20.00 was his reply! Immediately I flipped...noway, who told you that? He replied he asked his classmates, I demanded names:). I posted on Facebook hoping one of the moms would respond, but non did. I was prepared for $5.00 for the first tooth not $20.00! I didn't want him to be disappointed so I sent Rob to the bank. He had a function at school the next day so I asked one of the moms and she said noway...but too late the tooth fairy had come and gone. We got doped! The tooth fairy left a note with the money letting Austin know this was not the normal and the amount would be less for the next tooth...he was very happy the next morning.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Savannah's Dance Party

Yesterday was Savannah's Dance party..."Jesus is Born"
Savannah started off feeling under the weather on Friday and by Monday she still wasn't feeling well. She was showing signs of feeling better and she didn't want to miss her party (more like mommy didn't want to miss it). They keep the door shut and blinds closed so I don't get to see anything.

She did pretty well considering how she felt. I only have a few pictures that came out since I was using my phone. Anything with motion ( pretty much the entire thing) was blurry.