Friday, July 17, 2009

wing off

In Altoona they have 2 smaller amusement parks they hold different events at these parks. Last night was called wing off. They have several different restaurants come and make wings. They were lots of people there it ends up looking like a outside bar by the end. We were getting ready to leave last night and Austin wanted to play a game before we left so we were all walking to the game stand and Austin was a little behind us and I kept turning (pretty much walking backwards) to keep an eye on him, then he stops dead in his tracts and starts to pull down his pants. I was trying to get to him as quick as I could and he was yelling gotta pee gotta pee in the middle of all the people while trying to pull down his pants. It was very funny. Austin has pretty much been potty trained for several months now, but when we are home I just let him go where ever he wants when we are outside. Daddy has desided Austin needs to now be tought potty edicate.

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Desiree said...

lmbo thats a boy for ya