Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Aunt Mel and Austin getting ready to go through the candy...I think Aunt Mel was more excited than Austin

Savannah still sleeping

sleeping on her 1st trick or treat

On his way to his 1st house...he left the mask on all night

Trick or treat is always the Thursday before Halloween in Altoona. However both kids were pretty sick so they were unable to go. Luckily at Aunt Mel and Uncle Bubba's house trick or treat was on the real Halloween so we took the kids there this past Saturday. Austin, Daddy and Pap went out with out Savannah and I because she didn't take to her costume to kindly. Finally as Austin was on the home stretch we were able to join them. And everyone assumed he was a doctor not a nurse. Back at the house he helped Aunt Mel hand out Candy. Thank you Aunt Mel and Uncle Bubba!!

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