Tuesday, December 8, 2009


enjoying the warm weather...cold pool

outside playing in shorts t-shirt and its November

enjoying the nice night

Grampy is the only adult that would brave the cold waters
Sorry I haven't posted in a while making Christmas gifts has taken most of my time. Lets start with Florida. The ride down went much better than we anticipated. Valerie was the first to fall asleep...then she woke up at midnight and said she took a nap and wanted to stay up for the rest of the ride. Our response sorry honey back to sleep you go. Austin slept through the night and Savannah woke up whenever we stopped to get gas. Poor Rob had to drive most of the way. The kids had a really good time they got in the pool every day but 1 when it rained. We even got to get in the ocean (it was so warm). Here are a few pictures.

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