Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So the rest of the trip was great!! We all can't wait to go back. Rob and I ventured out to this small hometown bar and it was great. Instead of having a crane that you played to get stuffed animals you played for lobster and while we were there we watched someone dump in at least $14 and get nothing then watched someone get 2 lobsters for $4 (it coast $2 a game). While we were in the back listening to the band, who had homemade interments and played in there bare feet we saw a sign reserved for, (I can't believe I forgot his name lets call him phil for the blog entry). As we were walking up to the front of the bar we heard everyone say hi phil who just walked in the door. Here he was I would say a 80yr old man who had an orange vest (because he walked) on he sat down at the bar they gave him his drink and he pulled out pretzels and started chatting to everyone. Rob says he is living the life. As we were leaving everybody at the bar yelled bye to us. I can't wait to go back and be a regular at this place!!

I edited this:
His name is Ralphie

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