Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boys vs Girls

Valerie is almost 11 so her early years may not be that fresh in my memory but WOW Austin is much different at this age (3).

Valerie has always been very girly, having tissues rolled in her sleves (ewe), having a little purse, never wanting to get dirty, and up to about a year ago only wanting to wear skirts and dresses.

I was looking foward to having a boy, willing to play outside no matter what type of day it was, not caring if he gets dirty, not having to spend 1/2hour doing hair (that didn't happen) and enjoying all the little things for the boys. But I never calculated the difference in there activity levels or demeanor. I am sure different genes have a little to do with it.

Austin has become a wild man lately, uncontrollable, very loud, rough (but sweet), and always on the move...he wears me out!! When Valerie was this age she was pushing babies, dressing up, coloring, and quite. What a difference but a lot of fun still.

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Melanie said...

it's the hair that gets me :)