Thursday, September 16, 2010

Parenting advice needed

So Valerie has asked me to have an e-mail and a facebook!!

My first response was yes to an e-mail, no to facebook. I have been stalling on the e-mail I can't say their is any real reason, maybe I don't want my baby to be all grown up. I know it is only an e-mail, but it seems so grown up to me.

Anyway, I am asking for advice for the facebook thing. I have been flopping back and forth on this one now. Since we are moving away I kinda think it would be nice for her to have contact with her friends (since she is a busy traveler, she seems to have friends all over the place), and her family. I know I could make it private, but when I am not looking who knows what she would be able to do. She probably already knows how to do more than me. I also find that sometimes adults post things on facebook that might not be appropriate for her to hear/read or be around. I know I can't shield her, and times are changing but I just am torn. I have to say the only reason I am even considering it is because we are moving. I have considered letting her start her own blog, but that just lets people see what she is doing not really for her to stay connected and talk to other people.

So any advice would be greatly appreciated even if you don't normally comment I am looking for guidance either from those who have gone through it, going through it or will be going through it.

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