Tuesday, March 9, 2010

funny stories

I have 2 funny stories that happened yesterday.

The first one: I have been taking the kids out to the hot tub lately (temp is turned down for them). When it is time to get out, Austin gets himself out and I bring Savannah in and lay her on foam mats that we have in the living room and go back out to clean up and put the lid back on. The kids get in without anything on because its cold when you get out with wet cloths on. When I was done yesterday I thought it would be ok to go to the bathroom and then put a diaper on Savannah but that was not the case. When I came back in the room she had pooped but that wasn't it...she was rolling in it!!! Thank goodness it was not anywhere near her face!! From now on I will put a diaper on her before I do anything else.

Number 2:

Last night I was going downstairs for bed Rob was already in bed so the lights were out. I wanted to put a load of wash in the drier, so I was walking into the laundry room reaching for the light and I got hit in the head by something flying. I screamed and hit the floor. My wonderful husband still in bed...wanted to know what was wrong. We thought it was a bat, but when we turned the light on...it was a beautiful owl! Still not thrilled! We did get it out safely.

What a day


Tom Rutter said...

How did an owl get into the laundry room?? That had to freak you out Amy.

Melanie said...

OMG! i cant believe there was an owl in the house! hahaha i can picture you getting hit in the head then hittin' the deck! i hope the owl removal was humane :)

and Savannah rolling around in her own poo...EWWWWW!!