Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School year is in full swing

Austin started school on Monday and Savannah started Tuesday. 
Austin has made it to 2nd grade with Mrs. Hernandez.  We did get to meet his teacher before we left for Disney.  When we left the house I left his summer book on the table.  He made me turn around and get it so he could turn it in.  I did start to feel a little guilty for lying about the book. But she was pretty impressed with his book and he made him feel good.  First impressions were great.  Crossing our fingers for a great year.

Savannah started the VPK program that Florida offers.  She will be going Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-2.  We did decide to put her in the same school Austin went to when we moved here.  She did bike the 3 miles to get Austin today. Not sure she liked it too much. 

Here is to a good year. 

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