Monday, September 14, 2009

Austin's 3rd birthday

He really enjoyed this toy, now he can be like daddy

Everyone tried on the goggles (I think). Even Weezy!!

Austin Helping me decorate the cake
Another great toy from Jenny
Austin ended up with 2 separate birthday parties this year. Sunday was a party for Rob's side of the family, it was just a small get together. Ama and Pap gave him is gift when we got back from the beach it was new hot red 4 wheeler (which he loves), Nanny, Poppy (a toy just like Ben's a matchbox pop up), and Aunt Danielle (new bookbag) gave him his gifts when we stopped by on the way home from the beach. He is going to start to think he gets several days to celebrate his birthday. A few pictures to share. Austin's cake was suppose to be a Diego cake but I left the candle at the beach I thought no problem I will just buy another one, well I went to 4 stores to get the candle and nobody had a Diego candle so we made it a animal cake which he seemed to love. He did place the animal in the water which aunt Mel pointed out looked like the animal pooped!! He loved that.

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Melanie said...

he was too funny with those goggles! and yes, everyone had to wear them...even pap (during his nap).
i think my favorite part was the poop! im glad you got a picture of it cuz i laugh everytime i look at it! of course, i ended up eating the poop.