Monday, April 12, 2010

Valerie came for a visit

she wanted her hair curled for church

coloring eggs

at the park

Over Easter Valerie was home for a visit. It was so nice to have her home again. Everyone had a great time and Austin was really sad to see her go home.

She had a friend over Friday night, then on Saturday we went to the saddest Easter egg hunt, then for ice cream. On Sunday we went to Granny's for Easter. Monday we just hung out at home and all played. Then Tuesday was the dreaded day for her to go home.

She has only been gone since September but she really is growing up. In her mind she was to big for the Easter egg hunt, and didn't want to play at the park. She wants to listen to music write things like V&L for ever (she says "L" is made up), go for walks watch movies and be in her room with her door shut.

We can't wait for June to have you home for good Valerie!

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