Sunday, April 25, 2010

Elmwood Zoo

Last week the kids and I went to Downingtown for a visit. It was a very busy week. We had Valerie almost every night. We went to see pretty much everyone we know (well not everyone, but a lot of people). On Monday we went to see Jennifer where he played with Justin. After that we went to the park to play with Maria and the girls. On Tuesday we went to see Aunt Joann where we saw Leslie and her little boys he played for something like 3 hours. On Wednesday had lunch with Janine and then to Billie's where he played with Ethan, then to Beam and Poppy's. On Thursday we went to Elmwood Zoo with Maria, McKenzie, and Morgan. Then Friday... home. Of course we stayed with Nanny and Poppy all week. I think everyone had a blast. It was a packed week. Austin got so use to playing with someone everyday he was asking who he was going to play with next.

Pictures from the zoo:

We piled all in the mini van, I have never had so many carseats in the car at one time. It was an interesting ride. The kids were all very good. Savannah even managed to fall a sleep even though it was extremely loud. I do think the Nissan is pretty roomy and this ride proved it we had 4 kids in car seats, 2 adults, diaper bags and 2 strollers with room to spare. Although Maria hit her head on the dvd players several times. On the way home all the kids finally fell a sleep except Austin.

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