Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr Jump

When Mr Jump became a "frog" we had to get a stage 2 habitat. When it came in the mail it was pretty large and it was suppose to come with another tadpole but instead it came with a full grown frog.

So now we have 2 frogs which means I have to clean the water a lot more. It was every 3 days otherwise the house would start to smell. So in order to change the water the directions stated we had to boil water not use tap water. Last week I was changing the water like normal, boil it let it sit for a few hours and then place the frogs in the water. I did this and while I was cleaning the mess up I looked over and 1 frog was on its back and the other frog was going crazy at the top (all while Austin was watching). It turns out that the water was still to warm. The frog they sent in the mail (jump 2) was ok as soon as I got him out of the water, but Mr Jump was not doing to well, it took me 10-15 mins to bring him back to life. It took all I had, I had to place him in shallow water rub his stomach to stimulate him.

So right away I got on the phone and ordered a filter so I don't have to change the water as often. I was not sure how I was going to explain this all to Austin.

But all is well and we still have 2 frogs Mr Jump (1) and jump 2


danielle said...

Wow I am impressed! You bring frogs back to life! :)

craftedbymama said...

The things we do for kids! I was happy I got him out of the water when I did, I guess lucky that's all.

-JW-JS-AM-JCW- said...

LMAO and you say I'm weird? kiss one-might be a maid LOL